A list of those not quite on the tree yet. I have included many that may not belong at all but probably worth a try! Any help placing these or adding to the list would be greatly appreciated.

Arranged aphabetically by Christian name regardless of spellling of surname

ALFRED WEDHOFF born 23 May 1867 died Feb 1967 97828 (Enterprise, Wallowa, OR) (none specified) 012-16-6719 Massachusetts SSDI

BERNISE L WIEDHOFF(T) was born Abt. 1 February 1899 in Illinois?, USA, and died 15 August 1899 in Illinois?, USA age 7m 15d. (Information from Rootsweb Wiedhoff) Burial: August 1899, Oakdale Cemetery, Wadsworth, Newport Twp., Illinois on 9th Street, appr. 1/2 mile west of Greenbay Rd, just east of RR tracks. The cemetery is in a peaceful, rural area. It is fenced, has trees, and is well taken care of. Walked and transcribed by Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera August 3 and Aug 10, 1999
CATHERINE WIDHOFF born10 Jul 1909 died Sep 1972 91604 (Studio City, Los Angeles, CA) (none specified) 564-24-7899 California SSDI Wife of Gene Widhoff (see below)

DORIS WEDHOFF Born 23 Jun 1913 died 07 Mar 1999 38401 (Columbia, Maury, TN) (none specified) 337-14-2142 Illinois SSDI EDWARD WEDHOFF born 27 Oct 1946 died 23 Sep 1999 (FO) (none specified) 567-68-4303 California SSDI

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ETTA WIEDHOFF born 03 Jun 1894 died Feb 1975 11104 (Sunnyside, Queens, NY) (none specified) 108-07-2679 New York SSDI This portrait of or by Etta L Wiedhoff dated around the 1920's was painted on ivory and mounted in a Cartier case. (Oct 2003)

GENE WIDHOFF born 14 Jan 1907 died Apr 1972 91604 (Studio City, Los Angeles, CA) (none specified) 059-03-4893 New York SSDI
Gene Widhoff was my great-uncle. Judging from the dates and California residences, it looks like you've got the info for Gene and his wife Cathy there. I believe Gene's end of the family was from Russia, so might not be in a direct line to your family tree. But then again, I don't know much about his past other than that he was my grandmother's half brother. Gene was a really elegant man who did "Lobby Cards" and posters for some early Hollywood movies (in about the 1930's and 1940's). He ultimately was a courtroom artist in the 1960's and I remember as a kid watching the news every night during the trial of Charles Manson, because Gene's sketches of that trial were broadcast each night. If you come across any other info on him and it isn't a bother, I'd love it if you passed it along my way. Good luck with your search and website! All best from New York,
Liz Shelton

GEORGE WIEDHOFT is recorded landing in Victoria, Australia in August 1853 aged 28 aboard the ship "John Barrow" from a British Port. Could it be Frederick Lookslike or Johan George?

HERBERT WEIDEHOFF born 25 Feb 1909 died 15 Jul 1996 XX732 (PE) (none specified) 073-01-4612 New York SSDI

JACOB WIEDHOPF born 21 Dec 1889 died Jul 1971 10021 (New York, New York, NY) (none specified) 059-01-4352 New York SSDI

JOHN WIEDHOFT was born Abt. 1884 in and died Abt. March 1960 in Watford. England Mar 1960, death index age 76 ref 4b 286 son of W E F?

JULIUS WIEDHOFFT married Maria L Moll in 1885 in New South Wales, Australia ref 7059 Australian Vital Records Index (parents of Ronald W A ) Found 2 Julius Wiedhoffts born Mannheim one born 1802 died 1804 and one born 1804 died 1806.

LOUISE WIEDHOPE born 22 Dec 1889 died Jun 1976 10021 (New York, New York, NY) 10022 (New York, New York, NY) 059-01-4353 New York SSDI

RONALD WEDHOFF born 22 May 1967 died 17 May 1993 (not specified) (none specified) 545-65-1263 California SSDI

RONALD W A WIEDHOFF Birth registered New South Wales, Australia 1886 Father Julius: Mother Maria L Ref No 33060 Australian Vital Records Index