Elizabeth Agnes Peck
b.South Hornsey, N.London 1896,
d. South Hornsey, N.London 1898,

Great Grandparents

Daniel Chrystal Wiedhofft 1798 & Martha Baker


William Daniel 1828 & Elizabeth Bridgman


James Samuel Peck & Elizabeth Agnes Wiedhofft



Abney Park Cemetery Chapel

Abney Park Cemetery Chapel




Elizabeth Agnes Peck

Elizabeth Agnes Peck and daughter

Elizabeth Agnes Peck was born on the 9th January 1896 at 55 Allen Road, South Hornsey, North London. She was the only daughter of James Samuel and Elizabeth Agnes Peck (Wiedhof(f)t.) 20 year old Elizabeth Agnes Wiedhoft married James Samuel Peck at St James, Clerkenwell on Monday the 12th of July 1875. It seems that they had to wait over 20 years for the birth of their first (and only) child Elizabeth Agnes. She was born at their family home. The birth was registered by E A Peck (mother) and James is now described as a picture frame gilder (journeyman).


Tragically our next historical fact is the burial at Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington of Elizabeth Agnes age 23 months on the 10th January 1898. The death certificate shows that young Elizabeth Agnes (daughter of James Peck - gilder) died on the 3rd January 1898 of Influenza congestion of the lungs. She was registered as 23 months old (she died just 6 days before her second birthday). The death was at the family home 85 Palatine Road, Stoke Newington, E. Peck mother present at the death, made the registration on the 4th January, the cause of death was certified by M McGann LRCP.

The 1911 census for parents James & Elizabeth shows that they only had 1 child and she had not survived.

Elizabeth Agnes (Wiedhoft) Peck and daughter Elizabeth Agnes Peck.