The Family of Emily Mary Ann Weidhofft (Hewitt)

Emily Mary Ann (Wiedhoft) Hewitt

Emily Mary Ann Hewitt

Emily Mary Ann WIEDHOFT was born Tuesday the 12 August 1862 at 16 Baldwins Gardens, Holborn, Father: William Daniel WIEDHOFFT (1828-1893) Mother: Elizabeth BRIDGMAN (1832-1892)

When she was a girl, she sleepwalked to the shops & could see into future (JHB)

3rd March 1868 Grandmother Martha (Baker) Wiedhofft died in Clerkenwell Workhouse.
3rd September 1870 Brother Alfred Albert Wiedhoft was born at 31 Baldwins Gardens Holborn. and the family were still at this address the following April when the census was taken.

1871 Census 31, Baldwins Gardens, St Andrews, Holborn
  Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Born
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  William Fleming Son   11 Scholar City of London
  Mary Do Daur   8 Do Do
  Ellen Do Daur   6 Do Do
\ William Bridgman Head Widow 64 Carpenter Hants Basingstoke
  Amelia Do Grandaur   15 Bookfolder Middlesex,St Andrew
\ William Wiedhoft Head Mar 42 Mechanic Do Do
  Elizabeth Do Wife Mar 38   Do Do
  Elizabeth Do Daur Unm 15 Boxmaker Do Do
  William Do Son Unm 14 Scholar Do Clerkenwell
  Edwin Do Son   11 Do Do St Andrews
  Emily Do Daur   8 Do Do Do
  Arthur Do Son   6 Do Do Do
  Alice Do Daur   4 Do Do Do
  Alfred Do Son   7m   Do Do

21st May 1873 brother Albert Ernest Wiedhoft was born in Holborn.
12th July 1875 sister Elizabeth Agnes married James Samuel Peck in Holborn.
17th May 1875 brother William Edward Frederick married Johanna Sullivan, at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Holborn.

1881 Census Dwelling: 15 Cyrus St Census Place: Clerkenwell, London, Middlesex, England Source: FHL Film 1341075 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0346 Folio 18 Page 14
  Rel Marr Age Sex Occ: Birthplace
William WIEDHOFT Head M 52 F ?? Turner (Wood) Soho
Elizabeth WIEDHOFT Wife M 48 F   Holborn, Middlesex
Edwin WIEDHOFT Son U 20 M No Occupation Holborn, Middlesex,
Emily WIEDHOFT Daur U 18 F Perfumer (M C) Holborn, Middlesex
Arthur WIEDHOFT Son U 16 M Standard Office Printer Holborn, Middlesex,
Alice WIEDHOFT Daur   13 F   Holborn, Middlesex
Alfred WIEDHOFT Son   11 M Scholar Holborn, Middlesex
Albert WIEDHOFT Son   7 M Scholar Holborn, Middlesex

Emily at the age of 18 is working as a perfumer (I have no idea yet what the(M C) means, but I suspect it is the initials of her employer)

Marriage Certificate Edward Hewitt & Emily Wiedhoft

On Tuesday the 11th December 1883 we find our family's first register office wedding, when 21 year old Emily married Edward Hewitt a 24 year old piano forte maker of 25 Judd St. St Pancras (main road opposite the station). This address was given for both parties. (note: Edward's father (also Edward) may have been a photographer but we do not have any photographs of this couple!) The certificate has the name Wiedhofft for both Emily and father, William (this time described as a "die sinker") spelt with 2 f's but both had one crossed out. The ceremony took place at the Pancras Register Office and Charles Henry and Constance Emily SIMPSON were the witnesses. The details of Edward HEWITT are a little more difficult to prove. - Birth: 4 May 1859 17 or 170 Blackfriars Rd, Christchurch, Southwark, Surrey (London) Father: Edward HEWITT (before 1831-after 1891) Mother: Hannah RICHBELL (before 1836-after 1891) (The nearest that I have found so far for his parents is Edward Hewitt of Canterbury marrying Hannah Richardson of Chatham) although this would almost tie up with the details of Edward and Hannah Hewitt of Essex Rd, Islington in 1881 (Edward is a cheesemonger, but in the same household is an American photographer!) I have directory details of Edward Hewett's photographic studios and will be looking for clues here.

Their first child named Edward James was born in the June quarter of 1884 in the Edmonton district. This was my mum's Uncle Ted.

Another son was born in the June quarter of 1886, registered Edmonton, London, he was almost certainly named after Emily's father William Daniel. Unfortunately he was crippled (one leg shorter than other) in an accident when he was a boy jumping onto the back of a lorry. i also understand that he was treated at the German Hospital in Hackney. He was an avid Dickens reader and knew all characters. (JHB).

My grandfather (gramp), John Arthur Hewitt was born on.Thursday 24 May 1888 at 103 Spenser Rd, Stoke Newington, North London;
Born a very small delicate baby, too tiny to handle so had to be carried around on a cushion. The doctor advised sea-air to improve his health so the family took him to Yarmouth to improve his health which has such cold North Sea air all year round that the doctor was horrified when told, but the bracing air was beneficial to the babe who thrived and grew up to be a very fit man, a wrestler and a Tug of War champion and a very kind and loving father (JHB)

23th August 1888 sister Alice Amelia married baker Sydney William Smith (21) in St Pancras Parish Church in the presence of Edward Hewitt and Florence Norton.
JUST FOUR DAYS LATER 27th August 1888 Emily's brother Edwin (28) falls from window of Sun Fire Office. Threadneedle St and dies of a fracture of the skull and other injuries.
25th May 1890 brother Alfred Albert married 18 year old Eliza Frances Griffiths in St Lukes, Old Street.

1891 Census 55 Allen Road, Hornsey,
Edward Hewitt Head M 32 pianoforte maker London, Lambeth
Emily Do Wife M 28   Do, Holborn
Edward Do Son   6   Do, Hornsey
William Do Son   5   Do, Do
John Do Son   2   Do, Do

12th December 1892 Emily's mother Elizabeth dies at home in Seaford Rd St Pancras. Alice was in attendance during her final illness and registered the death. Her address was 117 Charlton St, St Pancras
9th February 1893 Emily's father William dies at home in Seaford Rd. St Pancras, Alice was again in attendance and registered the death. Her address was still 117 Charlton St, St Pancras
28th May 1893 brother Arthur Henry married 19 year old Christobel Alice Chambers in St Peters Church, Saffron Hill, Holborn.

After three boys, a daughter Emily Rose Hewitt was born on Sunday 8th March 1896, registered Edmonton, North London; Known to all of my family as Aunt Phyllis, (her real name was only found out by my mother when she read the plaque on her coffin) she was the "keeper of the Wiedhofft family history and it's links with the "Bismarcks".

A family story from around this era involved a two/three year old John playing outside the home in Shakespeare Road when he saw an elephant that had escaped from a local circus (?) racing down the road towards him. Heading for the safety of his front door, mother and son watched as the scary beast passed by.

14th March 1897 brother Albert married Ada Miriam Chaffey in St.Giles, Bloomsbury, London.

1901 Census 85 Palatine Road, Stoke Newington, London RG13 207 45 18 155
Name Rel Condition Age M/F Occupation Where born
Edward Hewett Head M 41 M Pianoforte maker Lambeth
Emily Hewett Wife M 39 F   London WC
Edward Hewett Son S 16 M Pianoforte finisher Sth Hornsey
William Hewett Son S 15 M Pianoforte apprentice Sth Hornsey
John Hewett Son S 12 M   Sth Hornsey
Emily R Hewett Dau S 5 F   Sth Hornsey
William Weidhoft Visitor S 23 M Brass Founder Sth Hornsey
visitor William Weidhoft would have been the son of Will Ed Fred Wiedhofft of Clerkenwell.

25th December 1904, oldest son Edward James married Emmaline Ellen Matilda Page at Christchurch, Hoxton. (Edward James Hewitt, 22, batchelor, pianoforte maker of 26 Witham St. father Edward Hewitt, pianoforte maker & Emmaline Ellen Matilda Page, 22, spinster of 26 Witham St. father Alfred Page, french polisher. banns witnesses Alfred Page & Cissie Page)

, Edward Hewitt 52 married 28 yrs pianoforte maker b London Lambeth, wife Emily 49 b Holborn, son William 25 single colour grinder, son John 23 manufacturing chemist, daur Emily 15 mnfctng chem all b S Hornsey

1911 Census 85 Palatine Road, Stoke Newington
Edward Hewitt Head 52 Married 28       Pinofort Maker London Lambeth
Emily Hewitt Wife 49 Married 28 4 4 -   London Holborn
William Hewitt Son 25 Single         Colour Grinder London Sth Hornsey
John Hewitt Son 23 Single         Manufacting Chemist London Sth Hornsey
Emily Hewitt Daughter 15 Single         Manufacting Chemist London Sth Hornsey

Gramp by a plane at Chingford.

I know little of this family in the period of the first world war except that John Arthur joined the "Naval Air Arm?" on the 15th August 1915" (pictured by plane at Chingford - Left) and saw action in Salonika.
Phyllis (Emily Rose) was in the "nursing brigade" with school friend Ida Fenner.

On Thursday the 29th July 1920 John married Ellen Walters at the Register Office, St Olaves, Bermondsey, London. and on Thursday the 22nd June 1922 their daughter, our dear Auntie Iris (Iris Emily Elizabeth Hewitt) was born.

1922 Wedding Charles Huthwaite & Harriet Smith

The image here is a wedding photo of their niece Harriet Emily Smith at St Pancras Parish Church on Friday the 15th April 1922 (Note: Auntie Iris remembers her grandmother (5) wearing this hat when they went shopping!

Wedding 1922 St Pancras Charles Huthwaite & Harriet Emily Smith

1 Alfred W E T Torrence 1917-1986 2 Charles Huthwaite (Groom) 1896-1949 3 Harriet Emily Smith (Bride) 1893-1976 4 Evelyn Francis Margaret Smith 1905-2000 5 Emily (Wiedhoft) Hewitt 1862-1943 6 Alice Harriet Amelia Smith 1891-1952 7 A friend 8 Elizabeth Rosina (Smith) Torrence 1881-1962 9 Frederick George Ernest Torrence 1890-1964 10 Not known 11 Sydney William Smith (Brides father) 1867-1928 12 Not known 13 Ted Hewitt 1859-1937 14 Alice Amelia (Wiedhoft) Smith (Brides Mother) 1867-1925 15 Bill Hewitt 1886-before 1966 16 Not known 17 Elizabeth (Wiedhoft) Peck 1855-1933 18 Ted Wiedhoft (flat cap) but who is he? 19 Alice Florence Agnes Torrence 1913 20 Flora (Smith) Webster 21 Flora Agnes Smith 1899-1984 (married Frederick Prior)

The family lived for many years at 51 Palatine Rd, Stoke Newington, London. The Hewitt family shared this house (different flat) with Emily's sister Elizabeth and her husband James (Bubba) Peck. I am told that in the 40 or so years the sisters, Elizabeth and Emily shared this house they never had an argument or a cross word.
John & Ellen's second daughter (Auntie Emm) Emily Rose Hewitt was born on the 23rd March 1924.
My Aunts Iris & Emmie were taken by bus to visit their grandparents on Saturdays or Sundays most weeks. Auntie Iris remembers that on shopping days (Saturdays) they had a treat of custard tarts and sterilised milk and on Sundays Autie Peck gave them Yorkshire pudding with gravy. My mum (Joyce) joined the familly on the 19th March 1929. As a small girl my mother (Joyce Helia Hewitt) was given a posy of violets by her father (John Arthur), which she was particularly proud of. However, shortly afterwards when carrying this on a visit to Grandmama's she was asked "Are these for me?" Torn between pleasing her grandmother at the cost of upsetting her father by giving away a "special personal gift" she decided to hang on to them. I remember as a young man ( Iwas a boy really but these are my memories!) searching for the grave of my great grandmother (in St Matthias Churchyard) one night (evening) before I was reluctantly dragged home (although I was prepared to walk the grave yard all night to seek our goal). About 30 years later (1999) I was proud to be present when Mum placed a bunch of violets on the area of her grandmother's grave. TWILIGHT ZONE: although this was our first visit to Abney Park Cemetery, we knew very little about it. Entering via the main gates we passed the grave of General William Booth (Founder of the Salvation Army) and chose a path to walk along, as we were all walking at our own speed and viewing what we wanted I stepped off the path under a gap in the trees and looked at an area that contained a couple of war graves and many other faded stones. It is hard to describe the calm of an overgrown cemetery in the middle of London but I was "at home". Unbelievably, when we reached the cemetery office and sorted out the plots of interest we were led back to exactly the same spot! Tributes were laid on this grave in 1999 by grandchilden Iris Hewitt & Joyce Burgess, great grandson & great grand-daughter Mark & Madelaine and great, great grand-daughter Tamara Burgess. Abney Park Cemetery is a classic Victorian cemetery (now closed for burials) but maintains the "Gothic" atmosphere. the staff were extremely helpful, not only looking up the records but producing maps of the cemetery and taking us to the graves, with a very interesting tour on the way round. Our thanks to all involved.

Edward Hewitt suffered a stroke late in his life and daughter Phyllis (Emily Rose) and friend Ida Fenner nursed him: Mum (Joyce Hewitt) sang to him when a girl and was given 2d (one hundred and twentieth part of a pound (UKĀ£)) until one day he wasn't there any more!

He died at home (51 Palatine Rd) and was buried on the 4th September 1937, age 77 at Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington, E04 - 8S02 162421

Emily Hewitt died on 14 December 1943 at 51 Palatine Rd, Stoke Newington, London. She died of Arterio-sclerosis. Myocardial degeneration & Uraemia: The death certificate was signed by daughter P Hewitt present at death : Memories from my mum (JHB) include the facts that there was a grapevine in the garden that she was beautifully spoken and one of her favourite sayings was " The idea!"

Emily Mary Ann Wiedhoft
b. Holborn 1862,
m. Edward Hewitt St Pancras 1883
d. London 1943


Daniel Chrystal Wiedhofft 1798 & Martha Baker,


William Daniel 1828 & Elizabeth Bridgman


Elizabeth Agnes 1855
Edwin Edgar 1860
William Edw Frederick 1857
Arthur Henry 1864
Alice Amelia 1869
Alfred Albert 1870
Albert Ernest 1873


Edward James 1884
William Daniel 1886
John Arthur 1888
Emily Rose (Phyllis) 1896


John Arthur Hewitt wrestler.
Son John Arthur ready to wrestle.