Families of Charles James Wiedhofft

Charles James/John Wiedhofft christening 1827
Charles James Wiedhofft was born on the 16th of February 1827 in London (maybe 26th) was christened at the church of St George the Martyr, Bloomsbury, Holborn, London on the 6th May 1827. He was the third son of Frederick & Mary.

Brother William Louis Wiedhofft Baptism at the church of St George the Martyr, Holborn on 15th February 1829 (son of) Frederick Godlieb & Mary Elizabeth Wiedhofft of Old North St. Chaser

Brother Alfred Henry Wiedhofft was born on the 4th October 1831and baptised at the Church of St George the Martyr, ( son of) Frederick Gotleib WIEDHOFFT of Duke Street. Chaser.

Sister Louisa Ann Wiedhofft was born about 1834, but interestingly although the 1851 census has her dittoed as being born in Middlesex, the 1881 census shows her as a British subject born in Paris, France. (91 - Paris & '71 looks like France)

Sister Mary Wiedhofft was born about 1837 in Bloomsbury, London.

1841 Census Hyde Street, Holborn, London 1841
Frederick Wiedhofft 45   Ormolu M   F
Mary do   40   Y  
Frederick do 15   Furrier Y  
George do 15     Y  
Charles do 14        
William do 12     Y  
Alfred do 10     Y  
Louisa do   7   Y  
Maria do   3   Y  

25th December 1848 brother Frederick Augustus married Amelia Pike at St Marks Church, Clerkenwell.
12th May 1850 niece Amelia is born to Frederick Augustus and Amelia.

1851 Census 47 Devonshire St. Holborn (St George the Martyr ) Holborn
Frederick G Wiedhofft Head M 55 Chaser Germany
Mary E Wiedhofft Wife M 51   Middlesex
William Wiedhofft Son U 22 Brazier Middlesex
Alfred Wiedhofft Son U 19 Cabinet Maker Middlesex
Louisa Wiedhofft Daur U 17   Middlesex
Mary Wiedhofft Daur U 14   Mddx (see later)

Charles and brother Johann George were not shown in the 1851 census and may have been making their way across the Atlantic or going in different directions.

1852 brothers William and Alfred head off across the Atlantic to New York aboard the ship Hibernia.

We have details of a daughter Sophronia Charlotte Wiedhoft (Source: wiedhoftUSA.FTW), born about January 1861 in the USA (probably Illinois) but she died in Jul 1861,
She had lived just 6months & 21 days.(She must have been named after Ellen's little sister who also died young. in 1854)

4th January 1862 He married twenty four year old Ellen Jenmla Caine at Lake, Illinois. (source: Lake County Marriage Book 4 Jan 1862, Doc # 092M0126, book B, pg 204) She was born about 1838 in New York, the daughter of James William Caine & Isabella Simpson. William is listed as being born in the Isle of Man (between the north of England and Northern Ireland) and Isabella born in England. The Caines had obviously moved to Lake, Illinois as they had further children there from 1848.

Apx. 1862 brother Alfred Henry marries Isabella Turner from Preston, Lancs. in the USA (probably Illinois).

Charles Wiedhoft was born about 1863 (The 1880 census of Lake City, Warren Twp, Ill shows him as age 17 with family).

Frederick Wiedhofft was born in July 1866 (The 1880 census showed him as of Lake City, Warren Twp, Ill Age 15 with family).

Walter Wiedhoft was born about 1869 (shown as 11 year old son on 1880 census).

Arthur A Wiedhoft was born in April 1869 (I have recorded that he died on the 6th October 1870 and was buried in Fox Lake Cemetery, Lake Villa Township, Illinois).

Charles's father died on the 19th December 1865 in Camberwell (England) and was buried just after Christmas (28th) at Nunhead Cemetery.

Family Tree Maker world family tree showed details of two other family members? Isabella Wiedhoft born between 1856 & 72 but died as baby of measles. Charlotte Wiedhoft born between 1856 & 72 and married Charles Waldorf. I have no other evidence of either of these.

Oscar B Wiedhoft was born about June 1871 but died on the 30th March 1872 and was buried at the Avon Centre Cemetery, Avon Township, Lake City, Illinois.

Charles would have divorced about 1872, and on the
30th December 1873 he married Sarah Ann Wallace in Lake County, Illinois. She was born in New York in about 1836 the daughter of William & Charlotte Wallis. (The Illinois Statewide Marriage Index has the spelling Weidhofft)

Back in England Charles' mother died on the 18th March 1874.

Olive Wiedhofft was born about 1875 as the 1880 census lists her at Lake City, Warren Twp, Ill age 5 with family.

Alexander John Wiedhofft was born in the December of 1876 somewhere in in Illinois. He is with the family in the 1880 census at Warren twp as a 3 year old.

Caroline Mary Wiedhofft (pictured below) was born on the 8th December 1878 in Gurnee, Illinois

  • Caroline Mary Wiedhofft
  • A son of Charles James Wiedhofft
  • A son of Charles James Wiedhofft
Census 1880 Warren, Lake, Illinois, United States
Name: sex Age   Occupation Race Ethnicity   Birthplace birth Dad Born Mum born
Charles Wiedhoff M 53 Married Farmer W American Head England 1827 England England
Sarah Wiedhoff F 42 Married Keeping House W American Wife New York 1838 England England
Charles Wiedhoff M 17 Single Works on Farm W American Son Illinois 1863 Charles Sarah
Frederick Wiedhoff M 15 Single Works on Farm W American Son Illinois 1865 Charles Sarah
Walter Wiedhoff M 11 Single At School W American Son Illinois 1869 Charles Sarah
Olive Wiedhoff F 5 Single   W American Dau Illinois 1875 Charles Sarah
Alexander Wiedhoff M 3 Single   W American Son Illinois 1877 Charles Sarah
Caroline Wiedhoff F 1 single   W American Dau Illinois 1879 Charles Sarah

Also on the 1880 Census: Helen Caine age 42 keeping house with mother & brother, Avon, Lake, Illinois.

Wife Sarah Ann died from an epileptic seizure on the 11th November 1881 She was buried in the Wallis burial area at Fox Lake Cemetery. (Plot L58 Surname Wallis, Fox Lake Cemetery, Cook Co, Illinois. Age 45 wife of Charles Wiedhofft)

Charles married again on the 26th February 1883 to Mary G. Perry in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. USA (Source: Marriage Cert, Marriage Licence. Cook County Illinois. Charles J Wiedhofft of Warren age 55 & Mrs? Mary G Perry of Warren age 42). She was born in December 1842 in Pennsylvania.

Son Walter died on the 24th of a month in 1892 and was buried in Gurnee Lake Village township, Illinois. He would have been about 23.

Son Frederick W married about 1894 (from 1900 census) to Illinois born Jennie M Piper? (1930 census widow with Mother-in-law Ella Piper). The 1900 census show Jennie as being born about 1877, having had 2 children, none surviving.

Daughter Olive married James Walter White in Racine, Wisconsin on the 22nd October 1895. He was the New York born son of William & Mary Ann (O'Connell) White. They may have had a daughter Doris.

21st March 1900 21 year old daughter Caroline married 28 year old Farm labourer Charles Hartnell and moved to Salem Town, Kenosha, Wisconsin. Charles was from Newfoundland (Canada) but his parents were from England.

The 1900 Census of Warren township, Lake County, Illinois finds 73 year old Charles wiedhofft (a white man born Feb 1827) with his wife of 17 years, Mary (a 57 year old white woman born Dec 1842). Mary and both her parents are listed as born in Pennsylvania. Mary is also shown as mother of 3 (2 surviving) children. Charles, and both of his parents are shown as born England. Immigration 1850, 50 years in America & not naturalised. Both can read, write and speak English.

19th September 1900 grandson Earl William Hartnell was born in Wisconsin.

1st June 1903 grandson Glen Roy Hartnell was born in Wisconsin.

Son Charles died aged about 39 on the 17th January 1902 in Cook County Hospital. He was buried in Oakdale Cemetery Newport Township, Lake County. Illinois. Named as Charles J Wiedhoff. (His mother (Ellen Caine) was buried with him about 8 years later).

Charles James died on the 4th December 1905 in Gurnee, Illinois, USA and was buried in Warren Cemetery.

27 June 1908 grandaughter Lucille Mae Hartnell born in Lawrence, Illinois.

First wife Ellen died in 1910 and was buried at Oakdale Cemetery, She (named as Ellen Caine) was buried with son Charles J Wiedhoff.

At the moment we have no details of 3rd wife Mary after the 1900 census.

Charles James Wiedhofft
b. London 1834,
m. Ellen Jenmla Caine
Lake, Illinois 1862,
Sarah Ann Wallace 1873
Mary G Perry
d. Gurnee, Illinois 1893


Simon Wiedhoefft & Anna Christina Bissinger.


Frederick Gottleib Wiedhofft & Mary Elizabeth (Ruppersburg)


Frederick Augustus 1823
Johann George 1825
William Louis 1829
Alfred Henry 1831
Louisa Ann 1835
Mary 1837


Sophronia Charlotte 1861-61
Charles 1863
Frederick W 1866
Walter 1869
Arthur A 1869-1870
Oscar B 1871-1872
Olive c1875
Alexander John 1876
Caroline Mary 1878


2 non surviving children
of Fredk W.
Doris? White c1897
Earl William Hartnell 1900
Glen Roy Hartnell 1903
Lucille Mae Hartnell 1908

St George the Martyr Church, Holborn

Recent picture of St George the Martyr Church (close to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital)

North East Illinois from the 1886 Rand-McNally Standard Atlas