William Louis Wiedhofft

Baptism of William Louis Wiedhofft 1829

William Louis Wiedhofft was born before the 15th of February 1829, He was christened at the church of St George the Martyr, Holborn, London on the 15th February 1829 the son of Frederick Godleib and Mary Elizabeth Wiedhofft of Old North Street. Frederick's occupation is given as Chaser (engraver). (note: in the early 2000's the Anglo-German FHS held their meetings at this church)

4th October 1831 brother Alfred Henry was born.
about 1834 Sister Louisa Ann was born.
about 1837 sister Mary was born in Bloomsbury, London.

our next snapshot comes in the 1841 census where 12 year old William is with his family in Hyde Street, Holborn, he has 3 older brothers, 1 younger brother and 2 younger sisters. His father is now described as an ormulu manufacturer. (a gold paste/paint made from copper, zinc, tin and other metals for gilding furniture, etc.)

1841 Census Hyde Street, Holborn, London 1841
Frederick Wiedhofft 45   Ormolu M   F
Mary do   40   Y  
Frederick do 15   Furrier Y  
George do 15     Y  
Charles do 14        
William do 12     Y  
Alfred do 10     Y  
Louisa do   7   Y  
Maria do   3   Y  


Brothers Charles and George are both missing from the 1851 census and perhaps they are already making their way to take a look at the USA.

1851 Census 47 Devonshire St. Holborn (St George the Martyr ) Holborn
Frederick G Wiedhofft Head M 55 Chaser Germany
Mary E Wiedhofft Wife M 51   Middlesex
William Wiedhofft Son U 22 Brazier Middlesex
Alfred Wiedhofft Son U 19 Cabinet Maker Middlesex
Louisa Wiedhofft Daur U 17   Middlesex
Mary Wiedhofft Daur U 14   Mddx (see later)

We know that he sailed to the USA with brother Alfred in 1852 on the Ship Hibernia.
Passenger and Immigration Lists:
Wiedhofft, William
Age : 23
Country of Origin : England
Date of Arrival : Apr. 28, 1852
Final Destination : USA
Gender : Male .
Occupation : Copper Smith
Ship's Name : Hibernia
Port of Embarkation : London
Manifest ID Number : 900085
Port of Debarkation : New York
Purpose for Travel : Staying in USA, but not a citizen of USA
Mode of Travel : Steerage

Where did he go from here?

William Louis Wiedhofft
b. London 1829,

d. USA?
St George the Martyr Church, Holborn
 St George the Martyr Church as it stands today


Simon Wiedhoefft & Anna Christina Bissinger.


Frederick Gottleib Wiedhofft & Mary Elizabeth (Ruppersburg)


Frederick Augustus 1823
Charles James 1827
Johann George 1825
Alfred Henry 1831
Louisa Ann 1835
Mary 1837


none known


Old drawing of Statue of Liberty

old drawing of Statue of Liberty, although William arrived in New York over 30 years before "Liberty Enlightening the World"

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