Family of William Daniel & Elizabeth Wiedhof(f)t

Parish Register of St Ann, Soho

William Daniel Wiedhofft was born on Tuesday the 20th May 1828 in Soho, London. He was (possibly) the second son of Daniel Chrystal and Martha (nee Baker) Wiedhofft. He was Christened on Wednesday the 26th May 1830 at the Church of St Ann, Soho. His wife Elizabeth Bridgman was born in Holborn on Sunday the 20th May 1832 (Husband and wife shared the same birthday!) Her baptism at St Andrews Church, Holborn (17th June 1832) records her parents address as 20 Tait? St. Holborn.

1841 Census 18 Easton St, Clerkenwell,
Danl Widhoft 40 (40-44) Phlosophisate? Msft m? F(foreign)
Martha Do 40 (40-44)   yes (born in county)
Frederick Do 15 (15-19)   yes
William Do 12   yes
Martha Do 5   yes

The Bridgman family were at 45 (? check) Baldwins Gardens in Holborn. (ages for people over 15 were rounded down to nearest five years) Wm. (30); Coal Dealer, Mary (30); Mary (11); Elizabeth (9); Amelia (6); Eliza (6mth).

1851 Census 87 Golden Lane, St Lukes, Holborn
William Widoff 23 Unm Lodger Brass finisher Clerkenwell

In the 1851 census the Bridgeman family are now to be found at 54 Baldwins Gardens. William (44) was a carpenter born in Basingstoke, Hants, his wife Mary Ann (45) from Aston, Burford; and their children Elizabeth (18) no occupation born Mid Lon London; Amelia (16) and Eliza (10)The marriage of William and Elizabeth took place at St Andrews Church in Holborn on Sunday the 10th September 1854.

Marriage Register for William & Elizabeth

Extracted from the Marriage register of St Andrews Church, Holborn, showing signatures. Elizabeth Bridgman appears to be in two handwritings and Martha has spelt her name with one F and in very neat writing which may suggest that it was William's 18 year old sister rather than his mother. (this is the first official record found with Wiedhoft with one F). William would have been 26 and his wife Elizabeth 22 years of age when they married.

Christening of Elizabeth Agnes

On Thursday 17th May of the following year (1855) they were blessed with the birth of a daughter, Elizabeth Agnes Wiedhoft (Auntie Peck). The Birth Certificate and index records the name as WEIDHOFT.and the place of birth (and mothers address) was 50 Baldwins Gardens. Our first record of the family living at Baldwins Gardens (A quick check through the St Andrews Baptism register for the following year failed to find an entry, but she is baptized 9 years later at St Peters Church, Saffron Hill along with her 3 younger siblings on the following page).

The next record located was for the birth of their first son William Edward Frederick Wiedhoft (note: once again the eldest son is given the name Frederick!) He was born on the 5th of February 1857 at 3 Stewards Place, Clerkenwell, London
Their third child arrived on the 10th May 1860 with the birth of Edwin Edgar Wiedhoft at number 16 Baldwins Gardens, Holborn. (This time the registration was signed X the mark of Elizabeth.)

1861 census 11 Baldwins Gardens, Holborn
Wm Wiedhoft Head Marrd 31 Pressmaker Mddx, London
Elizth --------- Wife do 28   Same
------- Agnes ----- Daur   5   Same
Wm Edward ------- Son   4   Same
Edwin Edgar ------- Son   10mth   Same

Also sharing number 11 was Bartholomew Fleming a 34 year old French polisher from Ireland with his London born Wife Hannah and their 6 and 1 year old sons and three year old daughter, as well as his 19 and 10 year old nephews. Also at number 11 but in a separate dwelling is 61 year old broker James Turner (a widow).The enumerator has also noted that 12, 13 and 14 Baldwins Gardens - Site of New Church now Building (St Alban the Martyr) There were obviously two Bridgman families in Baldwins Gardens in 1861, but William Bridgman (from Edmonton) and his family appear to have been listed twice at number 45 and 48 (annoying)

Baptism of Wiedhofft children

On Tuesday the 12th August of the following year (1862) Emily Mary Ann Wiedhoft (my Great Grandmother) was born at 16 Baldwins Gardens. (on her wedding certificate the name Wiedhofft was spelt with 2 ff's but one had been crossed out.) William Daniel's father (Daniel Chrystal) died on the 31st May 1864 a mile or two up the road in Clerkenwell following seven weeks with heart disease.(No will or Letter of Admon. found).

Arthur Henry Wiedhoft became their fifth child (3rd son) on the 27th October 1864 at 16 Baldwins Gardens, Holborn. Again the birth was registered with 1 F in Wiedhoft.. (note. he married just after his fathers death, and both his and his fathers names were spelt with 2 ff's)
Alice Amelia Wiedhoft made it 3 all on the 7th of January 1869 when she became the third daughter I have been unable to find any references in the BMD indexes but she is listed as born in Holborn in later censuses, thanks to Jean Alderton for the birth date.
William Daniel's mother Martha (Baker) Wiedhofft died on Tuesday the 3rd March 1868 in Clerkenwell Workhouse. This was four years after the death of her husband but we can assume that she was still resident in Upper Rosoman Street in September 1865 when daughter Martha gave this address on her wedding certificate.The details on the death certificate give the cause of death as organic disease of the liver, general decay. The age was recorded as 66 and the registration was signed X the mark of Elizabeth ????? present at the death Clerkenwell workhouse.

Alfred Albert Wiedhoft was born on the 3rd September 1870 at 31 Baldwins Gardens Holborn. and the family were still at this address the following April when the census was taken
\ separate dwelling. Relation = to Head of Family Do = ditto

1871 Census 31, Baldwins Gardens, St Andrews, Holborn
  Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Born
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  William Fleming Son 11 Scholar City of London
  Mary Do Daur 8 Do Do
  Ellen Do Daur 6 Do Do
\ William Bridgman Head Widow 64 Carpenter Hants Basingstoke
  Amelia Do Grandaur 15 Bookfolder Middlesex,St Andrew
\ William Wiedhoft Head Mar 42 Mechanic Do Do
  Elizabeth Do Wife Mar 38 Do Do
  Elizabeth Do Daur Unm 15 Boxmaker Do Do
  William Do Son Unm 14 Scholar Do Clerkenwell
  Edwin Do Son 11 Do Do St Andrews
  Emily Do Daur 8 Do Do Do
  Arthur Do Son 6 Do Do Do
  Alice Do Daur   4 Do Do Do
  Alfred Do Son   7m Do Do

As the table above shows William Bridgman is now a widow and sharing his apartment with his grand-daughter Amelia. The rest of his children have left home, but who are the parents of Amelia? At age 15 she would have been born about 1855, William Jnr was baptised in 1837, so it is unlikely that he will have had time to get married and have a child. One of the Elder daughters, perhaps? Also wondering whether the Fleming family had anything to do with the William Fleming who married Mary Wiedhofft (Frederick Gottlieb line) The dates do not match for their children William (b 1866) and Mary (b 1867).

Albert Ernest Wiedhoft was born on Wednesday the 21st May 1873 in Holborn the eighth and final child of William & Elizabeth. To their credit, all children survived to adulthood.

On the 17th May 1875 son William Edward Frederick married Johanna Sullivan at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Holborn in a Roman Catholic ceremony by certificate. Bride and groom were both 19 years old and single. William, a pressmaker of 24 Baldwins Gardens was son of William a pressmaker too. Johanna of 7 Baldwins Place was the daughter of David Sullivan (Labourer) Deceased. The certificate was signed by William and Johanna made her mark X. The witnesses were Thomas Francis Linsky and X mark of ???? Matilda ???? Johanna was a London born daughter of Johanna (nee Shelan) ) from Cork in Ireland ( same place and year of birth (1819) as my paternal ancestors William Burgess & Catherine Brian).

Elizabeth Agnes (Wiedhoft) PeckThe second wedding in the family followed quickly on Monday the 12th July 1875, when eldest child, 20 year old Elizabeth Agnes married James Samuel Peck at St James' Parish Church, Clerkenwell. We knew that they had a daughter that died in infancy but a search through the BMD index did not show any matching entries for a daughter named Elizabeth, until we extended the search to 1896. Further details in "The Peck Family Chapter" The first grandchild for William and Elizabeth was born at 8 Half Moon Court, Portpool St. Holborn to William and Johanna on the 15th April 1876. and he was also named William. Our next "snapshot" of the family was also our first when researching due to the excellent work done in the transcribing of the 1881 census. Cyrus Street did not appear on the map of the area produced in the 1870's so I assume that they moved into a new property, (just off Goswell Road).

1881 Census Dwelling: 15 Cyrus St Census Place: Clerkenwell, London, Middlesex, England Source: FHL Film 1341075 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0346 Folio 18 Page 14
Rel Marr Age Sex Occ: Birthplace
William WIEDHOFT Head M 52 F ?? Turner (Wood) Soho
Elizabeth WIEDHOFT Wife M 48 F Holborn, Middlesex
Edwin WIEDHOFT Son U 20 M No Occupation Holborn, Middlesex,
Emily WIEDHOFT Daur U 18 F Perfumer (M C) Holborn, Middlesex
Arthur WIEDHOFT Son U 16 M Standard Office Printer Holborn, Middlesex,
Alice WIEDHOFT Daur 13 F Holborn, Middlesex
Alfred WIEDHOFT Son 11 M Scholar Holborn, Middlesex
Albert WIEDHOFT Son 7 M Scholar Holborn, Middlesex

Family members that have married and left home are shown in their own "chapter". We note here for the first time that William's occupation has changed from brass finisher to a wood turner.(Could it be that the brass candlestick had had it's day by now? His son William was still a brass worker though!)

Emily (Wiedhoft) HewittOn Tuesday the 11th December 1883 we find our family's first register office wedding. When 21 year old Emily married Edward Hewitt a 24 year old piano forte maker of 25 Judd St. St Pancras (main road opposite the station). This address was given for both parties. (note: Edward's father (also Edward) was a photographer but we do not have any photographs of this couple). The certificate has the name Wiedhofft for both Emily and father, William (this time described as a "die sinker") spelt with 2 f's but both had one crossed out. The ceremony took place at the Pancras Register Office and Charles Henry and Constance Emily SIMPSON were the witnesses. In 1884 their first child Edward is born.

August of 1888 was to prove a traumatic time

On the 23rd of August they would have been celebrating the marriage of their third daughter Alice to Sidney Smith at St Pancras church.

Inquest clip from newspaperAt the same time as "Jack the Ripper" was stealing the headlines with his atrocious murders a couple of miles away, our family were grieving the loss of son Edwin. Now 28 years old, unmarried and living "at home" at 4 Seaford St, St Pancras, he was working as a painter for Trollope & Co. On Monday the 27th August, whilst adjusting a tarpaulin from an upstairs window of the Sun Fire Office in Threadneedle St. (just behind the Bank of England) he overbalanced and fell 40ft to the ground. He died later that day in St Bartholomews Hospital from a fractured skull.

1891 Census 4 Seaford Street, St Pancras, London Note he has the 2 f's back in the name
William Wiedhofft Head M 67 Die Maker Employed Soho
Elizabeth Do Wife M 63     Holborn
Arthur Do Son S 27 z   Do
Albert Do Son S 17 z   Do

Elizabeth died on the 12th December 1892 at home in 4 Seaford Street, St Pancras and this was registered by A Smith (Daughter) of 117 Charlton Street, in attendance. in the Pancras area of London. The Death certificate shows her to have been 60 years of age wife of William Wiedhoft - a die sinker. The cause of death was given as phthisis certified by S L Smith MRCS. (Phthisis was normally the term for pulmonary tuberculosis)

Just a few months later on Thursday the 9th February 1893 William Daniel died at home (4, Seaford Street). The death certificate gave the cause of death as"Cardiac disease Exhaustion" (exhaustion was a medical term meaning a prolonged illness rather than a sudden death.) The death was registered again by A Smith (Daughter) of 117 Charlton Street, in attendance. Son Arthur married in the May of this year.

William Daniel Wiedhofft
b. Soho, London 1830,
m. Elizabeth Bridgman, London 1854,
d. London 1893
William Daniel Wiedhoft


Simon Wiedhoefft & Anna Christina Bissinger.


Daniel Chrystal Wiedhofft & Martha (Baker)


Frederick C1825
William Frederick 1826
Martha Eliza 1836
Daniel Christian 1838
Christiana Caroline 1842


Elizabeth Agnes 1855
William Edward F 1857
Edwin Edgar 1860
Emily Mary Ann 1862
Arthur Henry 1864
Alice Amelia 1869
Alfred Albert 1870
Albert Ernest 1873


(Elizabeth Agnes')
Elizabeth Agnes PECK

(William Edward Frederick's)
Frederick WIEDHOFT

(Emily Mary Ann's)
Edward James HEWITT
William Daniel HEWITT
John Arthur HEWITT
Emily Rose (Phyllis) HEWITT

(Arthur Henry's)
Christobel Ethel WIEDHOFFT

(Alice Amelia's)
Elizabeth Rosina SMITH
Alice Harriet Amelia SMITH
Harriet Emily SMITH
Flora Agnes SMITH
Evaline Frances Margaret

(Alfred Albert's)
Ernest Albert WIEDHOFT
Winifred Elizabeth WIEDHOFT

(Albert Ernest's)
Ada Miriam Agnes WIEDHOFT
Florence Elizabeth WIEDHOFT
May Frances WIEDHOFT

Old drawing of St Anns, Soho
  Old drawing of St Anns, Soho

Victorian Holborn
  Victorian Holborn


note. Although the family legend is of Rudolph Wiedhofft, escaping from Germany, being a hotel interpreter and known as "The Handsome Man of Baldwins Gardens", perhaps the generations had become compressed over the years.

Baldwins Gardens after 1862
  The picture above was taken next to the new church in Baldwins Gardens at sometime after it was consecrated in May 1862. As the 1861 enumerator listed 12, 13 & 14 as the site of the new church and this is the house next to the church, is this number 11, or 15 and Edwin Edgar was born at no.16. Photo Samuel A Walker 230 Regent St. W (London Post Office Directories only list them at this address between 1879-95)

Old drawing of Threadneedle Street.
Old drawing of Threadneedle street, the scene of Edwin Edgar's tragic accident.