The Family of Frederick Augustus & Amelia Wiedhofft.

Baptismal Record of Frederick Augustus Wiedhofft
Frederick Augustus Wiedhofft, the eldest son of Frederick Gottlieb & Mary Ann Wiedhofft was born in 1823 in the parish of St George The Martyr, Holborn. London. He was baptised in the church of St George the Martyr on the 13th of July 1823 Fredk Augustus (son of) Fredk & Mary Space for fathers occupation left blank.(note transcription spelling WEDHOFFT)

13th May 1825 brother Johann George was baptised at St George the Martyr, Holborn
16th or 26th February 1827
brother Charles James was born.
15th February 1829 brother William Louis' Baptism at the church of St George the Martyr, Holborn.
4th October 1831 brother Alfred Henry was born.
18th January 1834 sister Louisa Ann was born.
July 4th 1837 sister Mary was born in Bloomsbury, London.

1841 Census Hyde Street, Holborn, London 1841
Frederick Wiedhofft 45   Ormolu M   F
Mary do   40   Y  
Frederick do 15   Furrier Y  
George do 15     Y  
Charles do 14        
William do 12     Y  
Alfred do 10     Y  
Louisa do   7   Y  
Maria do   3   Y  

Frederick Augustus married Amelia Pike at St Marks Church, Clerkenwell on the 25th December 1848. Frederick is stated to be a batchelor of full age, a furrier of 48 Clerkenwell Close and son of Frederick Gottlieb Wiedhofft (a chaser). Amelia Pike was a spinster of full age of 109 St Johns Street, St Sepulchre, daughter of Charles Pike (carpenter) (all signed - witnesses Frederick Gottlieb Wiedhofft & Charlotte Pike) Rites C of E by ???certificate. In fact Frederick would have been about 24 and his wife 2 years younger.

Their first daughter Amelia was born in the June quarter of 1850 with the birth registered in Clerkenwell. However, the 1851 census shows her as an 11 year old born in Pentonville, Mddx. This should read 11 months.

1851 Census 20 Goswell Terrace, Clerkenwell
Name (Do =Ditto) Relation Condition Age M Age F Occupation Born
Frederic A Wiedshaft, Head Mar 27   Furrier employing 6 women, 1 man and 1 boy London
Amelia Do Wife Mar   24   Do
Amelia Do Daur     11   Pentonville, London

Daughter Mary Wiedhofft was born in the September quarter of 1851 in Clerkenwell.


Brother Charles James was to sail to the USA in 1851 and settle in illinois. (At this time "European settlers" were involved in wars over territory with the "native American Indians").

1852: Directories show Frederick Augustus Wiedhofft furrier at 20 Goswell Terrace, Clerkenwell. Brothers William and Alfred set sail for the USA on the ship Hibernia which arrived in New York on 28 April 1852.

On the 10th of January 1854, their first son, Frederick was born at 20 Goswell Terrace, Clerkenwell.

On the 20th of January 1855 another daughter, Charlotte was born at 6 Singleton Street, Hoxton, Shoreditch, London but sadly she died only months later (22nd April 1855) at the same address. The cause of death was certified as Inflammation and supporation after vaccination 3 weeks. She was buried on the 29th April at Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington. (Weidhoffe, Charlotte 03m 013423 D07 1S07)

The June quarter of the following year (1856) saw the birth of another son, Charles, also born in Shoreditch.


but again they were to lose a child as the registration of young Charles death took place in Shoreditch in the June quarter of 1858.


Daughter Ann Wiedhofft was born at 4 Temple Street, Dalston, Hackney on 21st May 1859

Frederick Augustus is shown on the electoral register of 1858 at 14 Kingsland Road.

1861 Census RG9-202 18 Regent Street, City Road, St Lukes, Holborn, London
Frederick Augt Wiedhofft Head Marr 37 Furrier St Geo. the Martyr, London
Amelia Wife Marr 34   St Sepulcre, Middx
Amelia Daur   10 Scholar Clerkenwell
Mary Daur   9 Scholar Clerkenwell
Frederick Son   8 Scholar Clerkenwell
Ann Daur   1   Hackney

18 Regent Street, St Lukes was the address given for the birth of son William Alfred on 14th May 1861,

Sister Louisa Ann married William Rayner Filler on the 7th June 1862 at St Giles Church, Camberwell, Surrey

The birth of son Arthur was registered in the St Lukes, Holborn district in the September quarter of 1863. Once again tragedy seems to strike with his death being registered in the same district in the June quarter of 1864. (note: in the next quarter Fred Aug's cousin William named his son Arthur Henry, and although they all lived in the same part of London I still have no evidence of communication between these two "sides" of the family.)

Louisa Florence Wiedhofft was born in the March quarter of 1865 in the St Lukes parish of Holborn.

The Electoral Register of 1865 shows Frederick Weidhofft at 18 Regent Street.

On the 19th December 1865 Frederick's father (Frederick Gottlieb) died at his home in Peckham.


Amelia Wiedhofft 1870 (probably)

The portrait of Frederick Augustus shown at the top left of this page has written on the back "Frederick Augustus Wiedhofft aged 47 1870. It is assumed that the accompanying portrait (shown right) would be his wife Amelia at the same time.

1871 Census 29 Cross Street, St Mary, Islington
Fredk A Wiedhofft (t looks like an s) Head Mar 47   Furrier employs 1 man 2 boys & 10 women St George the Martyr London
Amelia wife Mar   44   St Sepulcre London
Amelia dau Unm   20 Student Clerkenwell
Mary dau unm   19 Scholar Clerkenwell
Annie dau     11 scholar Hackney
Wm Alfrd son   9   scholar St Lukes London
Louisa F dau     6   St Lukes
Maria Mildenhall servt unm   28 servant (domestic) Bethnal Green
Mary Coleman lodger widow   79 annuitant Clerkenwell

In the December quarter of 1873 Frederick lost his wife Amelia, whilst still caring for his six surviving children.

Daughter Amelia was married at Holloway Congregational Church on the 5th July 1875.

Frederick Augustus remarried in the first quarter of 1876 to widow Emma Huntsman (maiden name Sinkler ), the 1871 census shows her as a widow with 4 children ranging from 11 years to 18 months at 42 Upper St, Islington. She was born on the 11th April 1838 in Brompton, Knightsbridge, London and Christened at St Lukes, Chelsea on the 6th May that year.

Frederick's 77 year old mother (Mary Elizabeth) died on the 16th March 1874 of chronic bronchitis in Peckham and the letters of administration state that she died intestate. Tthe estate and effects were granted to Frederick Augustus Wiedhofft of no. 20 Tyndale Place, Upper St, Islington. manufacturing furrier and natural son and one of the next of kin. Effects under £1500

Brother Johann George (age 51) married Amelia Elizabeth Fordham on the 23rd April (St Georges Day) 1876 at St Pauls Church in Islington

Second daughter Mary married schoolmaster David Salmon at Islington Register Office on 17th June 1876.


The December quarter of 1876 saw the birth of Mark Wiedhofft in Islington (the first child with new wife Emma.)


Daughter Emma was born in the March quarter of 1878 in Islington .


Brother Johann George died in the March Quarter of 1879 in Islington age 54.

Eldest son Frederick married Clio Newton on the 17th of May 1880 at St Marks Church, Clerkenwell. Frederick Augustus is described as a brushmaker and son Frederick as an oilman of 12 Gt Percy St.

1881 Census: Dwelling: 42 Upper Street Census Place: Islington, London, Middlesex, England Source: FHL Film 1341049 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0225 Folio 5 Page 9
Fredk.Augs. WIEDHOFT Head M 56 M Brush Maker St George The Martyr, Middlesex,
Emma WIEDHOFT Wife M 44  F . Brompton, Middlesex
Wm. WIEDHOFT Son U 19  M Clerk St Lukes, Middlesex,
Louisa WIEDHOFT Daur U 16 F Pupil Teacher St Lukes, Middlesex
Wm. HUNTSMAN Stepson U 20 M Brush Maker Islington, Middlesex
Chas. HUNTSMAN Stepson U 15 M Pupil Teacher Islington, Middlesex
Alfred HUNTSMAN Stepson . 11 M Scholar Islington, Middlesex
Mark WIEDHOFT Son . M   .Islington, Middlesex
Emma WIEDHOFT Daur . 3 F   .Islington, Middlesex
Elizth. VICKER U . 17   F Housemaid St Lukes, Middlesex
Clipping from London Gazette

1882 electoral register Frederick Augustus Wiedhofft entered for 7 All Saints Road, Kensington (dwelling house)

24 Mar 1882 in London Gazette liquidators for The Economic Advance Bank Ltd at 42 Upper St Islington, F A Wiedhofft, Jno B Parker, C A Cooper

On the 6th of May 1882 daughter in law Clio Wiedhofft (wife of son Frederick) died of complications in pregnancy at 12 Gt Percy St. Clerkenwell.

13 February 1891; correspondence from F. A. Wiedhofft, Chairman, Kingston and District Liberal Assoc. to Mrs. H. B. Bonner: condolence on the death of Charles Bradlaugh.

1891 Census: Brenknoll, Grove Lane, Norbiton. Kingston, Surrey
Frederick A Wiedhoft Head M 67M Retired Furrier London, St George the Martyr
Emma do Wife M F   do, Knightsbridge
Mark do. Son   M Brush Dealer Aprentice do, Islington
Emma do Daur   F Scholar do, Islington
Jane Ottaway Serv   16F Domestic Surrey, Kingston
Frederick Augustus Wiedhofft
RIP Frederick

This is the last Will And Testament of   Mr Frederick Augustus Wiedhofft of Brenknoll Villa , Grove Lane, Kingston upon Thames in the county of Surrey Gentleman. Whereas I give and bequeath all my furniture books and household effects w+ akowen and ready money belonging to me in my house to my wife for her absolute control use and benefit. And I give and bequeath all the residue of my estate and effects of whatsoever and wheresoever situate unto my trustee David Salmon my son in law of Kingsgate, Kings Road, Kingston on Thames, schoolmaster and my brother in law William Fleming Foreign Agent of 62 Tressillion Road St Johns Lewisham Kent upon trust at their discretion from time to time either to sell and convert into money all such parts of my said estate as shall not consist of money or permit the same or any part thereof to remain in this in the same state of investment as the same should be in alas?y time of my decease and I direct my said trustees to stand possessed of all moneys which may from time to time arise from the sale and conversioninto money of any part of my residuary estate and all moneys from time to time joining part of my said estate upon trust after payment woud of my pint gime and payment of my funeral and testamentory expenses to invest the same from time to time in their names in or upon any of the parliamentary stocks or funds of the United Kingdom or in any or upon real or leasehold security in or upon detrentive stock or preference shares in stock of my railway or other public Company in England or Wales incorporated by Royal Charter or special Act of Parliament which for the date of three years previous to the date of investment have paid a dividend on it's ordinary share capital with power for my said trustees from time to time to vary such investments by the substitution for them some other investment of a like nature hereby authorised And I direct my said trustees to stand possessed of all such investments of my said trustees of my residuary estate and of all investments thereof at the time of my decease and for the time being unsold and unconverted into money upon trust and I hereby bequeath as a first charge on my estate the proceeds of an assurance on my life in the Economic Life Assurance Society policy no. 10642K for my wife Emma for her sole use and benefit to be paid over to my wife by my said trustees as soon after my decease as the money is ?????????? from the aforesaid office - the sum so assured is my free gift to her in compensation for any deteriorations or loss that her private property may receive by being invested ??? short leasehold property in Myddleton Square Clerkenwell Which investment was made for run be April And further I devise that this sum? - be paid perfectly independent of her other claims on my estate and without prejudice to any other claim she may have upon this my last will and testament I will and bequeath to my wife the annual income from time to time arising therefrom or issuing thereout from my estate - for her use and benefit for the term of her life, provided that she remain unmarried, and to the intent that she shall thereout maintain educate all or so many of my children who shall at the time of my decease be dependant upon me for such maintenance education and bringing up And when my children shall each from time to time, attain the age of twenty one the charge shall cease from my wife And I appoint my Wife gaurdian of my infant children with full powers to appoint whom she may think fit to be their guardian of my infant children at her decease - And direct my said trustees to pay as soon after my decease as they possibly can the following sums to my ?????? after ?????? ????? < (inserted) to my daughter Ann fifty pounds> , to my daughter Louisa Florence - fifty pounds to my son Mark when he arrives at the age of twenty one the sum of two hundred pounds to start him in business to my daughter Emma fifty when she arrives at the age of twenty one - or sooner if she gets married with the consent of her guardian and in the event of my wife marrying then I direct my trustees to retain all interest and residue of my estate as hereinbefore mentioned for the use maintenance nd education of my infants And as the last one shall have arrived at the age of twenty one then I direct my trustee to divide the whole of residuary estate amongst all my children then living and if any of my children shall have become deceased If on their issue shall receive amongst them the share of my deceased child but this division of my estate of all ?????ise to be made during the lifetime of my wife provided that she remains unmarried And I hereby devise that all advances made by me at anytime previous to or since my decease be considered as account of the respective shares of estate to my children respectively to whom such shall be made And in the division of my said estate thereinbefore mentioned and directed such advances as shall be bought into hotchpot and accounted for accordingly Provided always that when the lump sum of all my estate is made after the bequests herein mentioned are made if from any cause it should not amount when divided into shares to the same amount for girls and boys then I declare the division to be made by my trustees shall be such that the girls of my family shall receive as near a sum for thevis as can be made to approach that which the boys have received but in no case shall a sum be taked from the sum provided for the starting in business of my sons Frederick, William Alfred and Mark And the receipts of the persons named herein shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my said trustees herein mentioned. And in the event of the trustees or trustee herein named dying or declining to act or becoming incapable then my wife if single shall have full power to appoint fresh trustees in the place of those mentioned. If however my wife shall have married then the existing trustee with the consent of surviving hives shall appoint another trustee and fill up any vacancy. And in every fresh appointment thi shall all the powers and authority hereby comjoured on my trustees as if he had been originally appointed by me. And the said David Salmon and Wiliiam Fleming Executors and trustees here of and I hereby revoke all former wills made by me and declare this to be my last will In witness thereof I have to this my will written on this and three preceeding pages set my hand this fifth day of August one thousand eight hundred and ninety one - Frederick Augustus Wiedhofft. --------- Signed by the said Frederick Augustus Wiedhofft as and for his last will and testament in the presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses --------- G J Thornton -------------- E Thornton.


of due execution files. the 24th Feby 1892 Probate of this will was granted to David Salmon and William Fleming. the Executors.

His wife Emma died on the 21st of February 1895 at 48 Hawksley Rd. Stoke Newington, London. She was buried on the 25th February 1895 in Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington (092871 Wieldhofft). Her will of 10th April 1892 left £901.15/6 William Huntsman - Probate London.

Frederick Augustus Wiedhofft b. London 1823,
m. Amelia Pike Clerkenwell 1848,
m.widow Emma Huntsman(Sinkler ) 1876
d. London 1879
Frederick Augustus Wiedhofft 1870


Simon Wiedhoefft & Anna Christina Bissinger.


Frederick Gottleib Wiedhofft & Mary Elizabeth (Ruppersburg)


Johann George 1825
Charles James 1827
William Louis 1829
Alfred Henry 1831
Louisa Ann 1834
Mary 1837


____with Amelia____
Amelia 1850
Mary 1851
Frederick 1853
Charlotte 1855
Charles 1856
Ann 1859
William Alfred 1861
Arthur 1863
Louisa Florence 1865
____ with Emma____
Mark 1876
Emma 1878


___Amelia & Charles Cooper___
Louisa 1877
George 1879
Annie Cleo 1881 (twins died at birth)
Jessie Amelia 1881 (twins died at birth)
Frederick Alston 1887 in Australia
Robert Hawthorn 1890 in Australia
Ethel Janet 1893 in Australia?
___Mary & David Salmon___
Amelia 1877
Mary 1880
David 1881
Dorothy 1882
Stanley 1885
___Ann & John Gough___
John Wiedhofft Gough 1900
___William Alfred & Alice Wiedhofft___
William Stuart 1888
Charles !890
Jack 1892
Frederick Alfred 1907
___Louisa & Alfred Large___
Mary Florence 1897
Alec Leonard 1902