The Family of Frederick Gottlieb Wiedhofft

Frederick Gottlieb Wiedhofft was born in Mannheim, Germany on the 12th March 1796. We know from a later census that he was born in Mannheim and the various census returns also gave this as his rough year of birth. There were two Wiedhoefft families that we know of in Mannheim at this time, Johann Gotthelf & Marie and Simon & Anna. If we assume for now that Johann & Simon are brothers they would both be sons of Friedrich Gottfried (Frederick George). Johann had his first son baptized Friedrich Gottlieb in October 1793 but it would appear that he must have died young as another baptism for this family took place in 1796 which would fit perfectly for "our Frederick Gottlieb" except that there was a third baptism for a Friedrich Gottlieb in October 1800 and according to the IGI he died in 1869. So I have concluded that "our Frederick Gottlieb" must be the brother of Daniel Chrysal and son of Simon & Anna. The information from the IGI show him as being baptized as Gottlieb Friedrich on the 13th March of 1796 having been born the previous day (12th March 1796).

Marriage Frederick Gottlieb Wiedhofft & Mary Ruppersberg

Our earliest records show that Frederick Gottleib Weidhofft married Mary Elizabeth Ruppersberg (often in future spelt Rupersberg or Ruperspurg) at the church of St Mary the Virgin, Aldermansbury (Barbican area in 1999) on the 28th July 1822. They were recorded as both of this parish and batchelor and spinster. Both signed the register (Frederick's signature spells Gottlieb correctly) as did the witnesses Ludwig Benjamin Ruppersberg? (vicars note Ludwig Benjamin Ruppersberg) and Sarah Bigg (who also appeared on another certificate). This was the same church that Mary Elizabeth had been christened in (23 April 1797).

from various sources we are aware that:-
Frederick Augustus Wiedhofft, their eldest son was born in 1823 in the parish of St George The Martyr, Holborn. London. He was baptised in the church of St George the Martyr on the 13th of July 1823. Fredk Augustus (son of) Fredk & Mary Add. 34 Gloucester St. Occ. Chaser.

Johann George Wiedhofft His baptism was recorded at the church of St George the Martyr, Holborn on 13th May 1825 as Johann Georg (son of) Fredk & Mary Elizabeth Wiedhofft of Bedford Court, Chacer. He was not shown in the 1851 census and may have been making his way to Australia.

Charles James Wiedhofft was born on the 16th or 26th February 1827. His baptism also at St George the Martyrs Church, Holborn on 8th May 1827 recorded as Chas John (son of) Frederick Gottlibe & Mary Elizabeth of 2 (?) Old North St., Chaser. He emigrated to the USA in 1851 and settled in Gurnee, Illinois.

1827 Pigotts London Directory Wiedhofft, Fredk. Chaser - 2 Old North Street, Red Lion Square.
1828 Robsons London Directory Wiedhofft. Fredk - Chaser - 28 Dukes Street, Bloomsbury

William Louis Wiedhofft Baptism at the church of St George the Martyr, Holborn on 15th February 1829 Wm Louis (son of) Frederick Godlieb & Mary Elizabeth Wiedhofft of Old North St. Chaser although the only other mentions of him in England are the 1841 & 51 censuses that shows him as a 12/22 year old brazier. We know that he sailed to the USA with brother Alfred in 1852 on the Ship Hibernia. Although there are possible descendants in New York, no further information has yet come to light.

Alfred Henry Wiedhofft was born on the 4th October 1831and baptised at the Church of St George the Martyr, Holborn as had all his elder brothers. The parish records show 1 Jan 1832 (born Oct 4 1831) Alfred Henry son of Frederick Gotleib WIEDHOFFT of Duke Street. Chaser. The book HISTORY OF EARLY CHICAGO, MODERN CHICAGO AND ITS SETTLEMENT, EARLY CHICAGO, AND THE NORTHWEST BY ALBERT D. HAGER gives much detail of the life of A H Wiedhofft born London, 10th October 1834 which almost certainly relates to "our Alfred" The following from the database: Irish to America, 1846-1865 proves that he went with brother William to settle in America.

1833 Robsons London Directory Wiedhofft. Fredk - Chaser - 28 Dukes Street, Bloomsbury.

Louisa Ann Wiedhofft was born about 1834, but interestingly although the 1851 census has her dittoed as being born in Middlesex, the 1881 census shows her as a British subject born in Paris, France. (and 91 - Paris)

1835 Insured: Frederick Wiedhofft, 8 Hyde Street Bloomsbury, brass and ormolu manufacturer ( A fact that I noted many years ago at the National Archives)

Mary Wiedhofft was born about 1837 in Bloomsbury, London. She appears on the 1851 census as a 14 year old daughter born in Middlesex.

1839 Robsons London Directory Wiedhofft. Fredk - Bronze Mnf - 8 Hyde St, Bloomsbury

Frederick Wiedhofft in 1841 census.

1841 census
shows our family still at 8 Hyde Street with (the head of the family) Frederick aged 45-50 an Ormolu manufacturer born in foreign parts. (Wife) Mary Elizabeth 40-45 born London, (Son) Frederick 15-20 a Furrier born London. (Sons) George 15-20 , Charles 14, William 12, Alfred 10, (Daughters) Louisa 7, Maria 3 all born London.

Frederick Gottlieb Wiedhofft 1848 arrival at Dover.

We have details of Frederick Gottlieb returning from Belgium via the port of Dover. Had he been to Germany to invite family to the forthcoming wedding of his oldest son?

25th December 1848 son Frederick Augustus married Amelia Pike at St Marks Church, Clerkenwell. Both were of full age.

12th May 1850 their first grandchild Amelia is born to Frederick Augustus and Amelia.

1851 Census 47 Devonshire St. Holborn (St George the Martyr ) Holborn
Frederick G Wiedhofft Head M 55 Chaser Germany
Mary E Wiedhofft Wife M 51   Middlesex
William Wiedhofft Son U 22 Brazier Middlesex
Alfred Wiedhofft Son U 19 Cabinet Maker Middlesex
Louisa Wiedhofft Daur U 17   Middlesex
Mary Wiedhofft Daur U 14   Mddx (see later)

September quarter 1851 grandaughter Mary born in Holborn (Fredk & Amelia)

It seems that son Charles may have been the first son to cross to the USA in 1851.

Sons William and Alfred head off across the Atlantic to New York aboard the ship Hibernia. New York Times notice, 25 August 1852, the ship Hibernia reports that it sailed in company with the Yorkshire and the Siddons from Liverpool.

10th January 1853 grandson Frederick born in Clerkenwell (Fredk & Amelia)
It may be at this time son Johann George (simply listed as George on the 1841 census) is recorded landing in Victoria, Australia in August 1853 aged 28 aboard the ship "John Barrow" from a British Port.

20th January 1855 grand-daughter Charlotte born in Hoxton.(Fredk & Amelia) but their joy would have been fleeting as Charlotte died on the 22nd of April and was buried at Abney Park on the 29th April.

June Quarter 1856 grandson Charles (Fredk & Amelia) was born in Shoreditch , London. but he too was to die young in the June quarter of 1858 in the Shoreditch area.

21st May 1859 grand-daughter Ann was born at 4 Temple Street, Dalston. (Fredk & Amelia) (She was to go on to be the mother of author/philosopher John Wiedhofft Gough).

14th May 1861 grandson William Alfred born at 18 Regent Street, St Lukes (Fredk & Amelia).

1861 census 1 Hannah Cotts, Coml. Rd Camberwell. Lambeth, Peckham, Camden, Surrey.
Frederick Wiedhofft Head M 65 fund-holder Manahiem, Germany.
Mary wife M 63   Bloomsbury, London
Louisa Daur U 25   Bloomsbury.
Mary Daur U 21   Bloomsbury
Here we note that Frederick was recorded as being born in Manahiem (Mannheim) Germany. Frederick has aged 10 years since the previous census whereas his wife has put on 12 years, Louisa 8 and Mary only 7 years.

4th January 1862 son Charles marries Ellen Caine of New York in Lake, Illinois, USA. I have notes of daughters Charlotte, Isabella and Sophronia Charlotte from before this time and only know that Sophronia only lived for 6 months and 21 days when she died in July 1861.

7th June 1862 daughter Louisa Ann married mercantile clerk William Rayner Filler in St Giles Church, Camberwell.

Apx. 1862 son Alfred Henry marries Isabella Turner from Preston, Lancs. in the USA (probably Illinois).

2nd March 1863 grand-daughter Marie Louise (Mamie) was born in Cook County, Illinois, USA (Arthur & Isabella)

17th May 1863 grandson William James Wiedhoffe Filler (Louisa & William) was christened at Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey.

September quarter of 1863 grandson Arthur born in St Lukes area of London.

1863 grandson Charles born Illinois, USA (Chas & Ellen)

5th January 1865 grandson Frederick William Filler born in Clapham (Louisa & William)

March quarter 1865 grand-daughter Louisa Florence born in the St Lukes area.

27th May 1865 daughter Mary Wiedhofft married Glasgow woollen agent William Fleming at St Giles Church, Camberwell.

Frederick Gottlieb died of Bronchitis on the 19th December 1865 at 19 Langdale Road, Peckham (then Surrey, now London). His age was given as 70 years, Occupation: formerly a modeller in Bronze. The death was registered by William Fleming (present at the death) also of 19 Langdale Road.
Frederick Gottleib was buried at Nunhead Cemetery, Linden Grove, Southwark on the 28th December 1865 and was later to be joined by his wife, and exactly 26 years later by his son Frederick Augustus.

Letter of Administration Frederick Gottlieb Wiedhofft

1st January 1866 grandson Alfred H born in Chicago, Illinois, USA (Alfred & Isabella)

July 1866 grandson Frederick W born in Illinois, USA (Chas & Ellen)

1866 grandsons Robert Leonard Filler born in Clapham (Louisa & William) and William F W Fleming (Mary & William) born in Camberwell.

1867 grand-daughter Mary Elizabeth Fleming born in Camberwell. (Mary & William)

1868 grandson Walter born in Illinois, USA (Chas & Ellen)

About April 1869 grandsons Arthur A (Chas & Ellen) and William B (Alfred & Isabella) are born in Illinois, USA.

1869 grand-daughters Louisa Frances Charlotte Filler born in Clapham (13th August to Louisa & William) and Louisa Ann C Fleming (Mary & William) born in Camberwell.

1871 census RG10-630 p68 4 St James Terrace South St. Peckham, Camberwell
Mary Wiedhoff Head 73 widow No Occupation Aldermanbury, Mddx
George Wiedhoff Son 46 unmarr ditto Holborn, Mddx

About June 1871 grandson Oscar born in Illinois, USA (Chas & Ellen) but unfortunately he is buried in Avon Township, Lake, Illinois on the 30th March 1872. It would have been about this time that Charles and Ellen obtained some kind of divorce.

1872 grand-daughter Florence Amelia Filler born in Clapham (Louisa & William)

30th December 1873 Son Charles remarries in Lake, Illinois, USA to Sarah Ann Wallace from New York.

December Q 1873 daughter in law Amelia dies in Islington

Mary Elizabeth Wiedhofft died on 18th March 1874 at 4 St James Terrace, South St. Peckham, Camberwell, Surrey. She died of Chronic Bronchitis, aged 77 years. The death was registered by L A Filler. (daughter) of Falmouth House, Lyndhurst Grove, Peckham present at death. She left a will naming Frederick Augustus, manufacturing furrier (son) of 20 Tyndale Place, Upper St. Islington. Effects (under) £1500. She was buried with her husband at Nunhead Cemetery.

Frederick Gottlieb Wiedhofft
b. Mannheim,Germany 1796,
m. Mary Elizabeth Ruppersberg, London 1822,
d. London 1865
Frederick Gottlieb Wiedhofft
  Frederick Gottlieb Wiedhofft


Friedrich Gottfried Wiedhoefft & Anna Catharina Shultheis


Simon Wiedhoefft & Anna Christina Bissinger.


Johann Melchior 1793
Daniel Chrystal 1798
Maria Catherina 1801
Sophia Margaretha 1803
Anna Catherina 1805


Frederick Augustus 1823
Johann George 1825
Charles James 1827
William Louis 1829
Alfred Henry 1831
Louisa Ann 1835
Mary 1837


(Fredk Augustus & Amelia)
Amelia 1850
Mary 1851
Frederick 1853
Charlotte 1855
Charles 1856
Ann 1859
William Alfred 1861
Louisa Florence 1865
(Frederick Augustus & Emma)

Mark 1876
Emma 1878

(Charles James's)
Charlotte Wiedhoft ? Isabella Wiedhoft ? Sophronia Charlotte 1861
Charles 1863
Frederick W 1866
Walter 1868
Arthur A 1869
Oscar B 1871
Olive 1875
Alexander John 1877
Caroline Mary 1878

(Alfred Henry's)
Mary Louise (Mamie) 1863
Alfred H 1866
William B 1869
George W 1876

(Louisa Ann Filler's)
William James W 1863
Frederick William 1865
Robert George 1867
Louisa Frances C 1869
Florence Amelia 1873

(Mary Fleming's)
William Frederick 1866
Mary Elizabeth 1868
Louisa Ann C 1869
Georgina Edith S 1874
Davida Jane Amy 1876
Charles Percival 1878

Schloss Mannheim

Schloss Mannheim 18th century home to the Elector

St Mary Aldermanbury.

Old drawing of St Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury

St George the Martyr, Holborn (rebuilt)

Recent picture of St George the Martyr Church (close to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital)

GG Grandson David J Gough visiting the grave in 1999

GG Grandson David J Gough visiting the grave in 1999