The Family of Daniel Chrystal & Martha (Baker) Wiedhofft

Daniel Christian (Chrystal) Wiedhoefft was born in Mannheim, Germany on the 10th September 1798 and christened the following day. This information was found on the IGI Daniel Christian Wiedhoefft: Gender: Male Baptism/Christening Date: 11 Sep 1798 Baptism/Christening Place: Mannheim (A. Mannheim), Baden, Germany Birth Date: 10 Sep 1798 Father's Name: Simon Wiedhoefft Mother's Name: Anna Christina Bissingerin Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C92143-6 System Origin: Germany-EASy Source Film Number: 1192144

Daniel Wiedhofft married Martha Baker on Sunday the 9th May 1824 at St Martins in the Field Church, London. The service was performed by John Miles, Minister. both parties signed the register (not make a mark). The Marriage was witnessed by Wm. Baker, Caroline Smith and another (perhaps something Hayer). (all signed). Greenwood's map of this period shows that this area of London was still very much one of royal palaces, parks and governmental & military infrastructure. Trafalgar Square may have been in the planning process at this time (19 years after the "Battle of Trafalgar") but maps show no evidence of the commemoration of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson's finest hour. The church itself, in much the same condition as we see it today.It was then as now a "Royal Peculiar" (Responsible to the Crown rather than the Church of England). May we assume that our noble ancestors were carried here by horse drawn transport, and feasted somewhere locally . (Note: the 1832 directory of London shows a William Baker, brassware manufacturer based in Wardour St, Soho. (Could Daniel have married his bosses daughter? Wm. Baker witness at wedding!)

Marriage Register entry for Daniel Wiedhofft & Martha Baker
Banns for Daniel & Martha

Pictured right the entry in the marriage register.

Pictured left the register of Banns from St Martins in the Fields


It would appear their first child Frederick was born about 1826 (source 1841 and 1851 censuses).

We have the burial details of a 5 month old William Frederick Wiedhofft in the May of 1827 and the next known official entry is for the Baptism of William Daniel Wiedhofft (born 28 May 1828) at St Anns, Soho, London. son of Daniel Chrystal and Martha Wiedhofft. dated 26 May 1830. Daniel is described as a brass worker and the service is performed by Geo. H Hine. the address of the family is given as St Giles's (a poor area of London). About 1836 they are blessed with a daughter Martha Eliza.

Our next entry is the first on the National births,deaths and marriages register, which records the birth of a boy, Daniel Christian Weidhofft, at 5 Rampstone Villas, Hoxton. (Hoxton Old Town, Shoreditch,) London on the 13th of November 1838. The parents are recorded as Daniel Christian Weidhofft and Martha (formerly Baker). Daniel's occupation is given as brass finisher. the birth was registered by Martha Wiedhofft (spelt correctly, but signed with an X) on the 12th of December 1838.

Unfortunately the next record is the entry for 12th June 1839 for the death of young Daniel Christian in the Shoreditch registration district, (the spelling still had the transposed IE, this was the same registration district as his birth.). The certificate records the death of 7month old Daniel Christian Weidhofft at Rampstone Place, Hoxton, child of a brass worker, "Accidental death from an overdose of a Narcotic medicine" signed W. Baker Coroner, 8 Crosby Sq. 18th June 1839. The burial of young Daniel took place at St John the Baptist Church, Hoxton (here the address is Rempstone Place).

The 1841 Census

Daniel Wiedhofft 1841 census

18 Easton St, Clerkenwell, Danl Widhoft 40 (40-44) Phlosophisate? Msft m?(could it be philosophical master??! NO) F(foreign), Martha 40 (40-44) yes (born in county), Frederick 15 (15-19) yes, William 12 yes, on next page Martha 5 yes

birthThe 3 April 1842 sees the birth of Christiana Caroline Wiedhofft at 77 Barton Street, Haggerston, Shoreditch, N London. The register was signed by Martha Wiedhofft and Daniel is described as a brass finisher again. At 53 Compton Street, St James, Clerkenwell, London. (check I am sure that a person called Baker lived here at some point)

1851 Census

Daniel Wiedhofft 1851 census

Daniel Widhoffs is a 53 year old journeyman (one who has completed his apprenticeship, but not started his own business) brass worker/plater (difficult to read) born in Germany, together with his wife Martha (age 50, born London) also in the household was daughter Martha aged 15 (born about 1835 in London) (no details of occupation/scholar, etc.) and 8 year old Christiana (born abt 1842)(as Christina - a female, although relationship looks like son). and son Frederick age 25 (born about 1825) a labourer born in London. (so far this is the only other reference I have to Frederick, although he would appear to be the eldest son). note; found a 74 year old Fred Weidhoff (born Jan 1826) in the 1900 census in Louisville, Kentucky , although he is listed as being born in Germany, as were both his parents. Hmm! He was shown as a single man who could read, write & speak English who had immigrated to the USA in 1866.
Their other son William Daniel is to be located in lodgings at 87 Golden Lane. St Lukes. He is listed as William Widoff an unmarried 24 year year old brass finisher born in Clerkenwell.
On the 10th September 1854 son William Daniel Wiedhoft married Elizabeth Bridgman at the parish church of St Andrews Church, Holborn, London.(part of the parish is "within" the walls of the City of London, whilst the rest is "without" in Middlesex.). The Marriage certificate records that William Daniel Wiedhoft - Batchelor and Brass founder of Baldwin Gardens, son of Daniel Chrystal Wiedhoft (Brass founder) married Elizabeth Bridgman - Spinster of Baldwin Gardens, daughter of William Bridgman (Carpenter) . Both are of full age and the service was by Banns. The service was witnessed by William Austin and Martha Wiedhoft, all parties signed their names. It was registered at the West London Register Office.

1861 Census

This finds our family at 37 Upper Rosoman Street, Clerkenwell. The spelling this time has changed to Wiedhoefft and the house is shared with young Martha's soon to be brother-in-law Edwin Palmer with his wife Sara and 3 year old daughter Mary E. The Wiedhoefft family is listed as follows:-

Name Relation Condition Age Rank/Profession Where born
Daniel Wiedhoefft Head Married 63 Brass finisher Germany
Martha Wife Married 60 Mddx. Soho
Martha E Dghtr Unmrrd 23 Artificial Florist Mddx, Westminster
Christiana C Dghtr Unmrrd 19 Artificial Florist Mddx, Bethnal Green

(The job of artificial florist probably refers to the poorly paid work of making the artificial flowers that were sewn onto dresses, etc. as per the fashion of the time, usually carried out by young unmarried women.

Daniel died aged 66 on the 31st May 1864 at 37 Upper Rosoman St. Clerkenwell (Now Amwell St. quite literally opposite where the death indexes were kept at the Family History Centre!) the cause of death was certified as valvular disease of heart. Acute dyspepsia 7 weeks. The death was registered (as Daniel Wiedhofft) by X the mark of Martha Wiedhofft (present at the death) in the Amwell sub district register office on the 3rd June 1864. (I first started my "quest for Rudolph" searching these death indexes for the name Wiedhofft, and Daniel's death was the first record that I found not knowing that if I looked out of the window i would see the street where he lived and died!!)

26 year old Martha Eliza Wiedhofft was married to 22 year old batchelor Henry Palmer at St James Church, Clerkenwell on the 24th September 1865. both have their address as 37 Upper Rosoman St. Clerkenwell. and the marriage was by banns. Henry Palmer was a stereotype picker, son of Robert Parker Palmer (a tailor) Martha's father is given as Christian Daniel Wiedhofft (brass finisher). The marriage was witnessed by Robert Parker Palmer and Christiana Caroline Wiedhofft. (All signed).

On the 3rd March 1868 dear old Martha departed this earth. The death certificate records that she died aged 66 of organic disease of the liver. General decay, certified. at the Clerkenwell Workhouse. The death was registered by a lady named Elizabeth ???? present at the death. (The name was again registered as Weidhofft)

Schloss MannheimDaniel Chrystal Wiedhofft
b. Mannheim,Germany 1798,
m. Martha Baker, London 1824,
d. London 1864


Friedrich Gottfried Wiedhoefft & Anna Catharina Shultheis


Simon Wiedhoefft & Anna Christina Bissinger.


Johann Melchior 1793
Frederick Gottlieb 1795
Maria Catherina 1801
Sophia Margaretha 1803
Anna Catherina 1805


Frederick C1825
William Frederick 1826
William Daniel 1828
Martha Eliza 1836
Daniel Christian 1838
Christiana Caroline 1842


(William Daniel's)
Elizabeth Agnes 1855
William Edward F 1857
Edwin Edgar 1860
Emily Mary Ann 1862
Arthur Henry 1864
Alice Amelia 1869
Alfred Albert 1870
Albert Ernest 1873

(Martha Eliza's)
Henry Robert Palmer 1868
Alfred Palmer 1873
Martha C Palmer 1875

(Christiana Caroline's)
Alfed W Pemberton 1869
Christiana C Pemberton
Martha F Pemberton 1874.

Old drawing of St Martin in the Field
Old drawing of St Martins in the Field
Old drawing of St Anns, Soho
Old drawing of St Anns,Soho


Perhaps the most surprising discovery was in the May 1833 criminal records from the Westminster Sessions: Daniel Wiedhoft, sentenced to 3 months imprisonment for larceny by a servant.

Clerkenwell Brass lamp

Note: In London attractive brass candle lamps with etched glass shades made at the Clerkenwell works of William Palmer enjoyed two decades of popularity following their introduction in 1832. In time, they too succumbed to cheaper and brighter oil lamps (from Brass & Brassware by David J Eveleigh) (Is there any connection between William Palmer and "our" Palmer family?)