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150cm Boxwood Triple Ball Topiary

Artificial Three Ball Topiary
£129.96 each Quantity
Triple Ball 1.50m (5'0") plastic boxwood foliage, natural stem

120cm Boxwood Single Ball Topiary

Artificial Single Ball Topiary
£87.49 each Quantity
Single Ball 1.20m (4'0") plastic boxwood foliage, natural stem

Artificial Boxwood Matting Squares  

Artificial boxwood matting
Interlocking 26cm (10") square pieces of plastic boxwood in two tone green. "Snap together" fitting in corners allow areas of any size to be made up. For constructing hedging, topiary sculptures, cones, etc.

£5.46 each
Box of (12) £56.30
Carton (96) £396.48

Hedge made with artificial boxwood matting with artificial boxwood topiary balls on top.Hedge made with artificial boxwood matting and artificial boxwood topiary balls on top.

Boxwood Balls

Artificial boxwood ball
Ready made topiary balls (as shown on hedge above) in five sizes

Boxball 8 20cm (8") £10.38 each
Boxball10 25cm (10") £15.00 each
Boxball14 35cm (14") £31.08 each
Boxball16 40cm (16") £46.08 each
Boxball18 48cm (18") £50.88 each

Holland Ivy Plastic Bush & Trail

Artificial exterior Holland ivy bush and trail
£8.36 each Quantity
5120 Holland Ivy 62cm, 153lv, green/cream

35cm (14") Boston Fern

Artificial exterior Boston Fern
£2.69 each Quantity
Exterior artificial Boston fern 35cm (14") Boston Fern

Springerii Fern Plastic Bush & Trail

Springerii Fern Bush and Trail
£9.41 each Quantity
Artificial Springerii Fern 5152 Springerii Fern 68cm (29"), two tone green

Plastic Camellia Bush & Trail

Artificial camellia trail
£2.83 each Quantity
5110OR Camellia trail 70cm, 168lv, 36flwr, 27 bud orange