Thomas and Sarah of Warboys

Thomas and Sarah

Having received from Colin DRING details of different branches of the DRING family I thought I would try to write about my own particular line. What I have tried to do is to include details of events which would have happened during the life of Thomas, from his birth and that of his brothers and sisters, through the time of his own marriage and on to his children and grandchildren.
Thomas was the son of John DRING and Ann née JOHNSON. He was baptised in the Church of St Mary Magdalene at Warboys on the 28 February 1775. His parents had been married in the same church just over a year before, on the 17 January 1774, and Thomas was their first child.


THOMAS Baptised 28 February 1775 (See below)
ANN Baptised 5 November 1776; buried 6 December 1787
LUCY Baptised 12 February 1778; buried 11 April 1781
LUCY Baptised 23 September 1781 (no further information)
JOHN Baptised 25 December 1784; buried 22 December 1787


MARIA Baptised 26 May 1813; m Samuel YOUNG, an Ostler
ANN Baptised 20 April 1815; m Thomas YOUNG 30 December 1837 in St Ives. This is a possible marriage
ELIZABETH Born about 1822; She was living as "retired" in Church End, Warboys in 18681 and West End, Warboys, on her own means in 1891
JAMES Baptised 12 September 1822 (no further information)
JOHN Baptised 3 June 1823; buried 20 February 1825 Age 9 months
JOHN Baptised 2 March 1831; buried 3 March 1831 Age 2 weeks

In 1841 the family lived in the High Street in Warboys, although, on the night of the census, Lydia was not at home with her husband and children Elizabeth and James. She was with her daughter Maria and her husband, Samuel OLIVER, in Wool Pack Lane, St Ives. However, in 1851 the family were together in the High Street home, and visiting John and Lydia, Elizabeth and James, was Lydia YOUNG, probably a granddaughter, born in St Ives and aged 12.
Early in his married life, at the time of the birth of his first child, Maria, John was a Publican. In 1815, 1822 and 1824 he was a Blacksmith before becoming a Farmer by 1841. In 1851 he was working a farm of 20 acres.

John, the husband of Ann JOHNSON, died in March 1799 at the relatively young age of 46, and was buried on the 1 April 1799. So Thomas was 24 when his father died and John his brother was not yet 10 years old. John, the father, left his copy hold house in Warboys to Thomas although his wife, Ann was to be permitted to occupy, rent free for the rest of her life, the two low rooms at the front of the house, with the two chambers above. Ann was to have the household furniture, plate and linen, Thomas was to have the residue of good, chattels and personal effects, whilst all stock in trade, tools and implements were to be divided the two of them. Son John was to receive five acres of arable land to be found in the "Fields of Warboys", and because of the age of this son, John the father had to make provision for him in his Will so John senior’s brother Oliver was made the boy’s guardian. Oliver was to have £20 from the Will to hold in trust to be used for the benefit of John, with another £60 to be invested in Securities. The interest from these was to be paid to Ann and on her death she was to be allowed to dispose of £20 of it as she thought fit, but the remainder was to go to Thomas. Ann and Thomas were the Executors.
It would seem, therefore, Thomas was well provided for. He had a property, and the tools with which to continue his father’s Blacksmith business, with a further inheritance to be his at the time of his mother’s death. Four years after his father’s death, when still living in Warboys, he married Sarah GIFFORD on the 24 July 1803 at the Church of All Saints in St, Ives, Huntingdonshire, where Sarah was born some time between 1783 and 1786.
Back in Warboys Thomas and Sarah had a daughter, Eleanor, who they baptised in Warboys on the 8 September 1805. She was followed by John (26 October 1806), Edward (26 March 1809) and Mary (16 January 1811). At this time, in the Huntingdonshire area there was great enthusiasm for the non-conformist religions of the Baptists and Methodists. Thomas and Sarah appear to have become Methodists for their next two children, Thomas and Mahala, were baptised in the Church of the St Mary Wesleyan Huntingdon Circuit on the 9 December 1815 and the 18 April 1820 respectively. It is more than likely that three other children, Lucy (1823), Elizabeth (1826) and Ann (1827) were baptised in similar churches but these events have not yet been found. Their last child, Sarah Ann was baptised in Warboys on the 27 June 1841 when she was fourteen years old.
Although he had obviously inherited his father’s blacksmith’s tools, when his daughter, Mahala, married Richard MARSHALL in 1839, Thomas’s occupation was shown as that of a Labourer. At the time of the census in 1841 he was an Ag Lab, but at the baptism of his daughter a few months later, and at the time of the marriage of his daughter, Lucy, in 1844 he was a Labourer again. However, his family must have considered that the job he did was that of a Blacksmith for this was the occupation shown on his death certificate dated the 25 February 1850, and on the marriage certificates of his son John (1853) and daughter Mary (1864).
 Thomas died on the 25 February 1850 of "Old Age; not certified", Elizabeth WILLIAMS being present at his death (was this his daughter?) and he was buried on the 2 March. By the time of the 1851 Census Sarah, Thomas’s wife, had moved to a home in High Street, Warboys and was described as a pauper. What had happened to the inheritance from her father-in-law? Who now lived in the Copyhold house which Thomas’s father had left him in his will? Sarah would have been about sixty five when her husband died; no death or remarriage can be found in the Warboys registers


ELEANOR/ELLENbaptised 8 September 1805; married Thomas LONGLAND (Carpenter) 18 January 1825


JOHN born about 1826
THOMAS born about 1830
MARY born about 1830
MARTHA born about 1834
WILLIAM born about 1836
ELLEN born about 1839
GEORGE born about 1843
SARAH ANN born about 1845
DRING born about 1847
WILLIAM born about 1851
JOHN baptised 26 October 1806; married Hannah/Anna BEDFORD 8 November 1831


MARIA baptised 29 September 1833; married Edward GRANGE 15 January 1852 MARY E GOLDSMITH’S line
GEORGE born about 1834
LYDIA born about 1837; married Francis AUSTIN 17 March 1862 Little Gidding
WILLIAM born about 1840; married Alice SHAWLEY 12 August 1860 Great Gidding
EDWARD baptised 26 March 1809; died before 1881; married Jane FLETCHER 12 December 1833 Pidley-cum-Fenton (John was a Labourer/Ag Lab, Ann was a Nurse)
MARY baptised 16 January 1811; died 1 August 1896 Age 88; married Amos George RICHARDSON (Farmer) 25 May 1864 in the Baptist Chapel in Warboys.
THOMAS baptised 9 December 1814 St Mary Wesleyan Huntingdon Circuit; died 21 April 1883 Age 70 Ramsey; married Eliza GATSBY 22 February 1853


GEORGE baptised 9 December 1855
CHARLES baptised 24 October 1858
MAHALA baptised 28 April 1820 St Mary Wesleyan Huntingdon Circuit; died after 1891; married Richard MARSHALL 19 February 1839 (Richard was a Labourer/Agricultural Labourer, Mahala was a Labourer (Ag Lab/Char Labouring Woman)


GEORGE baptised 10 January 1847
CHARLES born about December 1844; married Sarah Ann MILLER 5 November 1862
EMMA baptised 10 January 1847; married William NORMAN 8 October 1901
REBECCA born 13 December 1846; died 17 September 1935 Kettering Age 88; married John HIDE/HYDE 5 September 1865 (Line of Jean WHEATON and Julia CAMPBELL)
ELIZABETH born about 1864; possible married Charles Henry FAIREY
LUCY born about 1823; died 3 June 1884 Age 61; married Richardson HUGGINS 20 March 1844 Baptist Chapel, Warboys (Richardson was a Labourer, Lucy was a Servant)


GEORGE born 2 August 1846; died 22 October 1914 Hammersmith; married Louise CLARK December 1880 Bethnal Green
EMMA born 23 June 1848; d 26 November 1940; married William STOKES 30 October 1870 Baptist Chapel, Warboys ARTHUR STOKES’ line
WALTER born March 1850; died March 1857
FREDERICK born about 1854; died about 1919; married Elizabeth UNKNOWN about 1875
SARAH ANN born June 1856; died 18 December 1921; married John KIMPTON about 1851(One of CYNTHIA KIMPTON’s lines?)
WALTER born 1 December 1857; died 13 June 1941; married Susan SMITH December 1882
LEWIS born December 1860; died December 1945 Brentford; married Elizabeth WIGHT 19 October 1885
ELIZABETH born about 1826; (no further information)
ANN born about 1827; (no further information)
SARAH ANN baptised 27 June 1841: (no further information)

Jean Wheaton