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Family 1

My DRING line starts with James DRING & Mary Ann STACEY m. Sept.10 1826 Boston, Lincs.
Children:- Elizabeth b Jan.23 1831 Long Sutton, Lincs
James b Dec 2 1832 " " "
Edward b Apl 16 1834 Little London, Long Sutton, Lincs.
Mary Ann Abt 1837 Long Sutton, Lincs
Rose Ellen b May 13 1838 " " "
Mary Ann Dring b Abt. 1837 m Mathew HUDSON b Aug. 28 1831 Wellingham Norfolk m: October 28 1860 in Long Sutton, Holbeach, Lincs.
Derrick Plummer.

Family 2

My line is as follows:
William Dring born abt 23 Jan 1785 Bottesford, Leicestershire, m Elizabeth Wormsley 25 November 1809 in Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire. Children of above:
Thomas Dring b 16 March 1813
William Dring b abt 28 Sept 1818
John Henry Dring b abt 10 June 1821
ELIZABETH DRING b abt 30 June 1823, Grantham, Lincolnshire
Eliza Dring b abt 9 February 1826 Eleanor Dring b abt 17 December 1828
Sarah Emma Dring b abt 17 May 1833
Arthur Dring b 1 August 1836
Martha Dring b abt 1837

ELIZABETH DRING m John Patchett 17 Mary 1842 in Grantham, Lincolnshire, son of Joseph Patchett and Catherine Ward.
JOSEPH PATCHETT m Mary Leeson 30 June 1873 Muston, Leicestshire
ELLEN PATCHETT m Albert James Armstrong
ATHOL ERROL ARMSTRONG m Gladys Beatrice Douglas

Family 3

William Dring of South Cockerington
My DRING line starts with:
William DRING born abt 1789 in South Cockerington, Lincolnshire m Mary Ann Paddison 10 January 1817 in Alvingham
Children of above:
Ann Dring b abt. 1817 m William THOMPSON 1842 (Saltfleetby)
Henry Dring b abt 1819 m Mary GUTTERSON 1847 (Saltfleetby)
John Dring b 1822-1823 m Elizabeth SMITH 1849 (Louth)
William Dring b abt. 1826 m Ann WEBSTER 1857 (Saltfleetby)
Susanna Dring b abt. 1827 m George BEMROSE 1872 (Louth) James
Robert Dring b abt. 1832 m Frances Lill 1838 (Saltfleetby) Frederick Dring b abt. 1834 m Elizabeth ????
Guy Hurst

Family 4

John & Sarah Dring UK to California/Missouri
I have very sketchy information about my Dring ancestors. I know Margaret Dring was born in London on July 18, 1821. Her parents were John and Sarah Dring. Margaret married Henry Layland Knight born October 18, 1817 in Manchester, England. I don't know where they were married. I know they were in Grundy County, Missouri, USA in 1845 where their second child was born. Her name was Emilia Layland Knight. Margaret and Henry are on the MO census in 1850 with one child listed. I don't know where John Dring was in 1850. In 1852, John Dring, with his daughter and son-in-law, lead a 2 wagon train across the country to California arriving in San Francisco in 1852. John and Sarah Dring disappear from California at that point. I can't find them on census or any other thing I can think of but Margaret and Henry stay in California. Recently, I found two John Drings and a George Dring in Franklin County, Missouri on the 1870 census. I haven't had time to follow up as yet but plan to as soon as I can. I am guessing that after John and Sarah went to CA with Margaret and Henry they returned to Missouri. I am also hoping to cross-reference this family with the Layland-Knight families in Manchester, eventually! So far, I haven't found any connections with information posted on the Dring boards but maybe soon. If you have any information or insight, I would look forward to hearing from you. Respectfully, Pam Hupner

Family 5

Henry & Elizabeth Bridlington, Yorks,
Henry DRING (bc1785-1790, d before 1837) and his wife Ann had four daughters:
Elizabeth Ann (bapt 14 Dec 1816, Bridlington Priory)
Mary Calvert (bapt 3 Mar 1818, Bridlington Priory)
Henrietta Todd (bapt 30 Apr 1819, Bridlington Priory)
Jane (no baptismal date known)
Henry is given as an attorney at each baptism with a home address given only as Bridlington Quay.  He is listed in the Gray's Inn Law Lists from 1814 to 1823.  There's nothing further about him either before or after those dates. Ann is probably/possibly Ann TODD who married a Henry DRING 30 Dec 1815 at St Mary's Hull.  However this is a patron submission an I've not been able to check the original registers to verify this.
Elizabeth Ann married Robert Durdant PEAD Mar 1846 at St Marylebow, Cheapside, London. Robert died Q3 1847, Isle of Thanet, Kent. Elizabeth then married John Kircheval 6 July 1848 at St Mary's Church, Newark.  They had at least two daus and lived in Balderton, Notts
Mary Calvert married Henry STRINGER 22 Feb 1842 at Bridlington
Henrietta Todd married James Charles COLLINGRIDGE Q1 1848 St Pancras RD.  Their descendents are known.
Jane married John HARVEY of Newark-on-Trent on Monday 1 Dec 1845 at St Mary's, Bridlington.
I'd very much appreciate it if anyone can add anything to the family or connect with Henry. CHARANI

Family 7

Drings of Yorkshire
My great grandmother was Mary Alice DRING was born 1859 in Driffield, Yorkshire. She was the second daughter of William DRING (1830-1874) and his first wife Susan/Susannah PETCH (1837-1866). William was a brushmaker. Other places associated with his name are Sutton, Hutton Cranswick, Watton? and Houghton Beckwith, Lincs. Could his family have migrated north to Yorkshire? William's second wife was Martha JACKSON (1840?-1881). William and Martha had 3 sons and a daughter born between 1868 and 1873. Interestingly I think the Kenneth DRING mentioned by Laurena (entry Aug 2008) may be descended from William's second marriage. Although I live in Nottingham I have no evidence to show that my DRING's originated from here. Elizabeth

Family 8

Drings of Whitby/Liverpool
My 4 x Great Grandad MARK DRING born 1796 Whitby married MARY BURTON in 1822. My 3 x Great Grandad HENRY DRING born 1836 Liverpool married MARY JANE ? in 1855. My 2 x Great Grandad JOHN HENRY DRING born 1862 Liverpool married HARRIET BURNS in 1884. My Great Grandmother ALICE DRING born 19 January 1891 Liverpool married ALBERT WINDSOR. I have only recently discovered my DRING family originates from Whitby. Please contact me if any of my relatives correspond to your family tree. Sue O'Brien

Family 9

Drings of Australia
We are searching for GGGrandmothers parents. GGGrandmothers name was Elizabeth DRING, she was born on the 15th August 1857 in Taradale, Victoria, Australia. On her birth certificate it states two other children one deceased, one living. Her mothers name was Sarah WILLIAMS and father was William DRING. These ancestors are a mystery to us, there are many family stories that GGGrandma was an orphan, although Grandfather used to tell us stories about their old house at Metcalfe (near Castlemaine, Victoria). I have searched high and low for this couple.... hopefully i may have some luck here?

Family 10

Arthur Heywood DRING of Durhamshire
1. ARTHUR HEYWOOD DRING was born February 28, 1862 (obviously not right, probably 1836 re. Christening ) in Bishopwearmouth, Durhamshire, England. He married ELIZABETH ANNE WILSON April 22, 1860 in Newington, Surrey, England. She was born November 6, 1836 in Bishopwearmouth, Durhamshire, England.
More About ARTHUR HEYWOOD DRING:Ancestral File: 1NSX-PPP
More About ELIZABETH ANNE WILSON: Ancestral File: 1NSX-PQW
Christening: November 30, 1836, Bishopwearmouth, Durhamshire, England


ARTHUR SLEYWOOD DRING, b. February 28, 1862, (Newington, Surrey, England). Ancestral File: 1NSX-PR4
MARGARET HENRIETTA DRING, b. August 30, 1863, (Newington, Surrey, England). Ancestral File: 1NSX-PSB
, b. July 19, 1865, (Newington, Surrey, England). Ancestral File: 1NSX-PTJ
, b. September 13, 1868, (Newington, Surrey, England). Ancestral File: 1NSX-PVQ.

Family 11

Joseph DRING (1829 - 1866) of Blidworth, Notts
Generation No. 1
1. JOSEPH DRING was born January 18, 1829 in Blidworth, Notts, Eng, and died July 11, 1866 in Blidworth, Notts, Eng. He married HANNAH BALL July 14, 1851 in Farnsfield, Notts, Eng. She was born 1830 in Blidworth, Notts, Eng., and died in Blidworth, Notts, Eng.
Burial: July 13, 1866, Blidworth, Notts, Eng Christening: January 18, 1829, Blidworth, Notts, Eng. Ancestral File Number: HCSC-2L
More About HANNAH BALL:Ancestral File Number: HCSD-9XBurial: September 12, 1870, Blidworth, Notts, Eng Christening: October 13, 1831, Farnsfield, Notts, Eng

Children of JOSEPH DRING and HANNAH BALL are:

i. JOSEPH JOHN DRING, b. November 27, 1853, Blidworth, Notts, Eng; d. August 12, 1889, Blidworth, Notts, England.
More About JOSEPH JOHN DRING:Ancestral File Number: HD45-3X Burial: Blidworth, Notts, England Christening: November 27, 1853, Blidworth, Notts, England
ii. WILLIAM DRING, b. November 5, 1855, Blidworth, Notts, England; d. Mansfield, Notts, England. More About WILLIAM DRING: Ancestral File Number: HCSD-B4 Christening: December 2, 1855, Blidworth, Notts, England
iii.GEORGE DRING, b. November 27, 1857, Blidworth, Notts, England; d. September 12, 1933, Mansfield, Notts, Eng.
iv. SARAH ANN DRING, b. December 18, 1859, Blidworth, Notts, England; d. September 12, 1870, Blidworth, Notts, England. Ancestral File Number: HCSD-DG
v. THOMAS DRING, b. December 16, 1860, Blidworth, Notts, England; d. 1935, Mansfield, Notts, England. Ancestral File Number: HCSD-FM Burial: 1935, Mansfield, Notts, England
vi. SARAH ANN DRING, b. January 6, 1863, Blidworth, Notts, England. Ancestral File Number: HCSD-GS
vii. ALICE DRING, b. July 19, 1865, Blidworth, Notts, England. Ancestral File Number: HCSD-H0.
Generation No. 2

2. GEORGE DRING (JOSEPH) was born November 27, 1857 in Blidworth, Notts, England, and died September 12, 1933 in Mansfield, Notts, Eng. He married ELIZA MASSEY October 4, 1879 in Mansfield, Notts, Eng, daughter of SAMUEL MASSEY and SARAH MUNDALL. She was born May 12, 1859 in Mansfield, Notts, Eng, and died January 7, 1918 in Mansfield, Notts, Eng.
More About GEORGE DRING:Ancestral File Number: HCSD-C9 Burial: September 15, 1932, Mansfield, Notts, Eng Christening: January 17, 1858, Blidworth, Notts, Eng
More About ELIZA MASSEY:Ancestral File Number: HCSD-P1 Burial: 1918, Mansfield, Notts, Eng Christening: February 18, 1874, Mansfield, Notts, Eng

Children of GEORGE DRING and ELIZA MASSEY are:

i HELEN DRING, b. 1880, Sutton In Ashfield, Notts, Eng.:Ancestral File Number: HCSD-SJ Christening: 1880, Sutton In Ashfield, Notts, Eng
ii. JOSEPH DRING, b. 1882, Mansfield, Notts, Eng; d. March 15, 1918, Mansfield, Notts, England.
iii. FRANK DRING, b. April 10, 1883, Mansfield, Notts, Eng; d. September 4, 1965, Mansfield, Notts, England. Ancestral File Number: HCSD-VV Burial: September 1965, Mansfield, Notts, England Christening: May 25, 1890, Mansfield, Notts, England
iv. EDITH DRING, b. May 21, 1887, Mansfield, Notts, Eng; d. August 3, 1943, Mansfield, Notts, Eng. Ancestral File Number: HCSD-W2
Burial: August 1943, Mansfield, Notts, Eng Christening: May 21, 1887,
v. ALFRED DRING, b. 1892, Mansfield, Notts, England; d. February 28, 1938, Mansfield, Notts, England. Ancestral File Number: HCSD-X7 Burial: February 28, 1938, Mansfield, Notts, England Christening: March 30, 1892, Mansfield, Notts, England
vi. GEORGE DRING, b. September 1892, Mansfield, Notts, England; d. Mansfield, Notts, England. Ancestral File Number: HCSD-ZD Burial: Mansfield, Notts, England Christening: September 28, 1892, Mansfield, Notts, England
vii. HENRY OR HARRY DRING, b. June 20, 1893, Mansfield, Notts, Eng; d. March 18, 1959, Mansfield, Notts, Eng. Ancestral File Number: HCSC-SD Burial: March 23, 1959, Mansfield, Notts, Eng Christening: September 9, 1893, Mansfield, Notts, Eng
viii. MAY DRING, b. July 3, 1895, Mansfield, Notts, England; d. December 23, 1906, Mansfield, Notts, England. Ancestral File Number: HCSF-0J Burial: December 23, 1906, Mansfield, Notts, England Christening: July 3, 1895, Mansfield, Notts, England
ix. WILFRED DRING, b. February 28, 1901, Mansfield, Notts, England; d. Mansfield, Notts, England. Ancestral File Number: HCSF-1P
Burial: Mansfield, Notts, England Christening: February 28, 1901, Mansfield, Notts, England.

Generation No. 3.
3. JOSEPH DRING (GEORGE2, JOSEPH1)1 was born 1882 in Mansfield, Notts, Eng, and died March 15, 1918 in Mansfield, Notts, England. He married MARY HIBBERT May 23, 1904 in Mansfield, Notts, England. She was born Abt. 1883 in (Mansfield, Notts, England), and died March 15, 1918 in Mansfield, Notts, England.
More About JOSEPH DRING:Ancestral File Number: HCSD-TP Burial: Mansfield, Notts, England Christening: May 25, 1890, Mansfield, Notts, Eng
More About MARY HIBBERT:Ancestral File Number: 1SCX-1N0 Burial: Mansfield, Notts, England


i. ANNIE DRING, b. February 23, 1905, Mansfield, Notts, England; d. June 18, 1928, Mansfield, Notts, England; m. JOHN ROULSTAN1; b. Abt. 1901, (Mansfield, Notts, England). Ancestral File Number: 1SCX-1P6 Burial: Mansfield, Notts, England
More About JOHN ROULSTAN:Ancestral File Number: 1SCZ-GG4.

Family 12

Robert DRING of Isleworth
Generation No. 1
1. ROBERT DRING was born Abt. 1642 in Of, Isleworth, Middlesex, England. Ancestral File Number: TG3K-30

Child of ROBERT DRING is:

i. ANNE DRING, b. Abt. 1668, Of, Isleworth, Middlesex, England; d. April 27, 1724, , Isleworth, Middlesex, England; m. ALMERICUS DE COURCY, March 2, 1697/98, St Martin Ludgat, London, Middlesex, England; b. May 1665, Of, Kinsale, Cork, Ireland; d. February 9, 1719/20, Sp. More About ANNE DRING:Ancestral File Number: TG3V-DR Burial: May 5, 1724, Abbey, Westminster, Middlesex, EnglandMore About ALMERICUS DE COURCY:Ancestral File Number: TG3V-CL Burial: February 14, 1719/20, Abbey, Westminster, Middlesex, England.

Family 13

Descendants of Thomas Dring of Rhode Island

Generation No. 1

I. THOMAS DRING was born 1666 in Little Compton, RI. He married MARY BUTLER May 21, 1696 in Little Compton, RI. She was born 1670. Notes for MARY BUTLER: Married by Justice Joseph Church (from Arnolds Dict. Vol 3, page 106 - also Gene. Quarterly Mag)
Marriage Notes for THOMAS DRING and MARY BUTLER: Married by Justice Joseph Church

Children of THOMAS DRING and MARY BUTLER are:

i.      JOHN2 DRING, b. April 12, 1697, Little Compton, RI; d. December 15, 1754.
ii.     MARY DRING, b. April 23, 1699, Little Compton, RI; d. May 1786; m. JONATHAN STODDARD, 1724; b. 1685; d. November 04, 1774.
iii.    MERCY DRING, b. July 23, 1701.
iv.   THOMAS DR1NG, b. April 23, 1704, Little Compton, RI; d. April 16, 1787, Little Compton, RI.
v.    ELIZABETH DRING, b. May 10, 1705; d. May 10, 1756; m. WILLIAM HUNT, April 27, 1724; d. September 1770.
vi.   PRISCILLA DRING, b. March 08, 1708/09; d. June 08, 1709. Notes for PRISCILLA DRING:  Lived 12 weeks
vii.  ASARIAH DRING, b. March 28, 1710. Notes for ASARIAH DRING:He was a Sea Captain
viii.  RUTH DRING, b.FebruaryO3, 1711/12; d. 1765.
ix.     BATHSHEBA DRING, b. August 16, 1715; d. March 1790; m. SYLVESTER WOODMAN, December 18, 1735, Little Compton, RI; b. January 25, 1708/09; d. March 1760.
x.      FREELOVE DRING, b. March 01, 1719/20; d. March 27, 1754; m. LOVETT BRIGGS, November 23, 1735, Portsmouth, RI.
xi.     NATHANIEL DRING, b. April 17, 1707.

Generation No. 2

2. THOMAS2 DRING (THOMAS’) was born April 23, 1704 in Little Compton, RI, and died April 16, 1787 in Little Compton, RI. He married SARAH SEARLE, daughter of NATHANIEL SEARLE and SARAH ROGERS. She was born April 02, 1700 in Little Compton, RI, and died February 16, 1783 in Little Compton, RI. Notes for THOMAS DRING:He was a gunner on the sloop “Success”, and was captured by the British during the Rev. War. See” Recollections of the Jersey Prison Ship” by Albert G. Greene. His will, recorded in Little Compton wills, book 3, page 106 made 23 Apr 1782 and proved 4 dec 1787: To wife Sarah use of all real estate both land and housing; to son Benjamin 21 shillings; to son Philip all real estate and part of the house I now live in and the land I bought from him; to daughter Tabitah Barney (?) 4 shillings; to daughter Hannah Stoddard 4 shillings; to daughter Abigail Carr 4 shillings to Grandson Nathaniel Dring, son of my son Nathaniel 4 shillings....” Note:  Question about death (maybe Sept. 1787)
Children of THOMAS DRING and SARAH SEARLE are:

i.     TABITHA3 DRING, b. October 22. 1725: m. GILES BARNEY. November 15. 1750, Little Compton, RI; b.                           Newport. RI.
ii.      BENJAMIN DRING, b. November 27, 1727, Little Compton RI; d. April 04, 1808; m. HANNAH STODDARD,                           October 19. 1749, Little Compton. RI.
iii.      PHILIP DRING, b. September 07. 1730. Little Compton RI; d. January 18, 1796, Little Compton. RI.
iv.      HANNAH DRING, b. September 14, 1732; d. February 03, 1757; m. SALISBURY STODDARD, September 20, 1750. Little Compton, RI; b. June 17, 1730.
v.       NATHANIEL DRING. b. September 04, 1734, Little Compton, RI; d. December 06. 1757.
vi.      ABIGIAL DRING, b. April 30, 1736, Little Compton, RI; d. May 01, 1815; m. WILLIAM CARR, November 15, 1756, Little Compton, RI.

Generation No. 3

3.   PHILIP3 DRING (‘THOMAS2, THOMAS’) was born September 07, 1730 in Little Compton RI, and died January 18, 1796 in Little Compton, RI. He married Ruth STODDARD December 19, 1751 in Little Compton, RI, daughter of JONATHAN STODDARD and MARY DRING. She was born October 01, 1733 in Little Compton, RI, and died July 24,1816 in Newport, RI. Notes for PHILIP DRING: He was a Lt. of the Horse troop in Capt. Gideon Almys Company. More About PHILIP DRING: Burial: Little Compton Cemetery
More About Ruth STODDARD: Burial: Island Cemetery, Newport, RI
Children of PHILIP DRING and Ruth STODDARD are:

i.    DELANAH4 DRING, b. June 30,1752; m. ROBERT WOODWORTH, February 27,1786; b. Newport, RI.
ii.    JOHN DRING, b. December 15, 1754; d. November 05, 1775.
iii.   HANNAH DRING, b. February 03, 1757; m. PETER HOLT, April 28, 1779.
iv.   PHILIP DRING, b. April 23, 1759; d. April 10, 1766.
v.    NATHANIEL DRING, b. March 29, 1761; m. SUSANNA BROWNELL, December 24, 1786. Marriage Notes for NATHANIEL DRING and SUSANNA BROWNELL: Married by Adam Simmons (Justice)
vi.    RUTH DRING, b. June 26, 1763; d. 1766.
vii.   RUTH DRING, b. April 18,1767; m. EBENEZER CLARK.
viii.  PHILIP DRING, b. August 29, 1769.
ix.     BENJAMIN DRING, b. 1763; d. April 10, 1766.
x.      SARAH DRING, b.June0l, 1772.
xi.     JOHN DRING, b. November 04, 1775, Little Compton, RI; d. June 17,1855, Newport, RI.
xii.     DEBORAH DRING, b. March 22, 1777.

4.   NATHANIEL3 DRING (THOMAS2, THOMAS’) was born September 04, 1734 in Little Compton, RI, and died December 06, 1757. He married MARY SIMMONS January 10, 1757 in Little Compton, RI. She was born September 13, 1738.

i.     NATHANIEL4 DRING, b. February 03, 1757, Little Compton, RI.

Generation No. 4

5.   JOHN4 DRING (PHILIP3, THOMAS2, THOMAS’) was born November 04, 1775 in Little Compton,, RI, and diedJune 17, 1855 in Newport, RI. He married ESTHER PERRY June 11,1801 in 1st Baptist Church, Newport, RI.She was born 1782 in South Kingston, RI, and died August 20,1820 in Newport, RI. More About ESTHER PERRY: Burial: Island Cemetery, Newport, RI
Children of JOHN DRING and ESTHER PERRY are:
i.      PHILIPS DRING, b. May 24, 1802, Newport, RI; d. February 22, 1891, Newport, RI; m. NANCY TILLEY CLARK, September 06, 1831, 1St Baptist Church, Newport, RI; b. 1808, Newport, RI; d. August 11, 1893, Newport, RI.
ii.     ABBY DRING, b. December 10, 1805, Newport, RI; d. October 28, 1898, Newport, RI; in. GARDNER. Notes for ABBY DRING: Abby’s DRINGS family bible is in possession of Newport Histrical Society
iii.    CHARLES PERRY DRING, b. June 12, 1808, Newport, RI; d. May 07, 1891, Fall River, MA. Notes for CHARLES PERRY DRING: Information about Charles Dring is available in Representative Men of R.I. No living progency from this line today (11/11/2000)
iv.   MARY DRING, b. October 07, 1810, Newport, RI; d. March 23, 1882, Newport, RI. Notes for MARY DRING:Umnarried
v.    RUTH DRING, b. July 07, 1813, Newport, RI; d. June 16, 1855, Newport, RI. Notes for RUTH DRING:Unmarried
vi.   FRANCES DRING, b. October 01, 1815, Newport, RI; d. April 15, 1839, Newport, RI. Notes for FRANCES DRING:Unmarried
vii.  SARAH DRING, b. October 04, 1817, Newport, RI; d. April 15, 1818, Newport, RI.
viii. HARRIET DRING, b. May 09, 1819, Newport, RI; d. October 15, 1820, Newport, RI.

From Dr Colin Dring's Woodhurst Branch 
There are three later entries for Woodhurst:
13 Aug 1893 Bapt George Leonard DRING son Charles & Rachel, lab
6 Aug 1910 Marr George William DRING, insurance agent, 27, son of George William, engine driver, & Rosetta SILK
31 Dec 1951 Burial George DRING aged 68 that do not fit. They are probably strays from the Warboys Drings rather than Woodhurst Drings returning to base.
St James, Clerkenwell Settlement Examinations
13 Mar 1847 James DRING Vol 60 ref 54& 55 at Finsbury Library, Clerkenwell, London EC
Cambridge University Alumni
Edmund DRING Trinity College, Entered 1720
John DRING St Johns, Entered Lent 1787
Henry Stamer DRING Trinity College, Entered Michs. 1884, born 18 July 1866 Died 26 Nov 1889
MORETON IN MARSH 1871 Census, Gloucestershire
DRING George Lodger 58 Veterinery Surgeon Bicester PERKINS William Lodger 45 Rope and Twine Spinner London
Lincs surnames
DRING, TOKELY John Thomas DRING, whose mother was Edna DRING of Grantham [Manor, Grange or Lodge] was an only son. and was born ca 1875. His sisters were Edna and Polly and possibly others. He married Ellen TOKELY, a ladies maid employed within the household. Their only child who survived was Doris Ellen DRING who was born in Paddington, London, 09 Feb 1903. John Thomas DRING died in 1906 in Paddington, age approx. 31, occupation coachman; thus his birthdate ca 1875. We do not know his father