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Silhouette Portrait of Elizabeth Dring about 1824

Several mysteries are often encountered by those researching their family's roots. One of these is the way in which a group of individuals with a common ancestor, but all unknown to each other and living in far flung corners of the Earth, suddenly decide to try to make contact with others interested in the same name. This is the situation that occurred earlier this millennium year when various people, all researching one particular branch of their family, began sending and receiving messages in connection with the name DRING. In fact there were so many messages that the phrase "A Deluge of DRINGs" was introduced to describe the flood of information which was being exchanged from all around the world by the descendants of John DRING, born in the mid-seventeenth century in Warboys, Huntingdonshire. This web site was set up to help with this transfer of information between the original twenty members of "The DRINGs of Warboys Research Group". Many have already contributed the results of their research to the site and, at present, it is being up-dated regularly as further material becomes available.© Over the years so much information from other "branches" of the DRING family has been added it has become a repository for information about any person named DRING. It is building into wealth of details that may lead us all back to a common "root".

It was with great sadness that we learnt of the sudden death of Dr. Colin Dring on 16th February 2004. He was the inspiration and driving force behind the setting up of this site, to freely share his many years of research into all of the "Dring families".

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Free Message Forum from Bravenet Free Message Forums from Bravenet The forum offers the chance to ask a question or post information about your Dring family or have a look to see if somebody shares your family and swap some information

Latest News Updates

History of the the Dring Surname Trawls through the records for the earliest records of the Dring surname and it's variants.

Descendants of John Dring of Warboys bef.1657-1731 Gedcom File Updated 16 April 2006 Includes names list and family relationships, complete with research and source note. (Downloadable file)

The Drings of Warboys by Dr Colin Dring Very well set out Family biographies of the various branches of the Drings of Huntingdonshire, with a considerable amount of "meat on the bones"

Thomas & Sarah of Warboys Family biography following the line down from Thomas Dring & Sarah Gifford by Jean Wheaton

Woolston & Anne of SomershamThe remarkable story of Woolston & Anne (Beagle) Dring of Somersham . Anne survived to age 103 with an estimated 151 (116 living) descendants at the time of her death. Includes Family Tree from Alan Bednall (more to come)

The Drings of Over The story of Nathaniel Dring and his descendants that emigrated from Over in Cambridgeshire to the USA (Part of the Warboys Clan) by Madonna Taylor

The Life & Times of Thomas Dring 1857-1942 Born in Muston, Leics. (between Nottingham and Grantham, Lincs. England) A well documented tale of life, from a boy working in the coalmines, through the Zulu wars and back to Derbyshire. A tribute by his great grandson, John Stephen Morse. Includes family tree back to 1580

William Dring of South Cockerington The story of William born South Cockerington, Lincs.about 1789 & Mary Ann Paddison and their descendants from Guy Hirst.

The Descendants of Joseph Dring born 1748 Kirklington, Notts - Coming soon

The Drings of Lincolnshire An early look at this considerable branch of the Family

BMD Index Transcribed entries from UK Births, Deaths & Marriages Index

Certificates Details from Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates & Death Certificates

Vital Records Index Dring Names from the LDS Vital Records Index British Isles 1617 -1892

Census Returns Transcribed entries from UK census returns

National Burial Index FFHS transcriptions of Dring Surname in UK Parish Burial Registers

Marriage Indexes Transcribed from marriage indexes such as Boyds, Pallots & Phillimores

Ellis Island A list of Drings that entered the USA between 1893 & 1924 through Ellis Island

Various Descendant Trees Snippets of other Dring Family Trees

Wills & Documents Transcribed or copies of wills & Admons, purchases, etc.

Directory Entries Entries in a variety of trade, city and other directories.

Monumental Inscriptions Details and pictures of Dring Burial Sites

Family Photographs A selection of photographs of Ancestral Drings

Churches Photographs and details of churches mentioned in Dring History

The Dring Homelands Photographs and details of property and areas associated with the Family

Researchers List of names & E mail addresses of Dring family researchers

Stray & Unattached Drings Names of people who have not yet been fitted into a family

Worthy Websites A list of links to other websites that researchers have found useful

Huntingdonshire Maps and local history of the former county of Huntingdonshire, England

Debt of Honour Details of 60 Drings killed during the two world wars.

First World War More details of the Drings that fell and other details from World War One

North America Details of the various branches of the Dring family that settled in North America.

Australasia Same, but for those down under.


1) Thou shalt name your male children: John, Johnson or Oliver;

2) Thou shalt name your female children :Ann, Sarah, Elizabeth or Mary;

3) Thou shalt leave no trace of your female children;

4) Thou shalt, after naming your children from the above lists, call them by strange nicknames such as Dringgo, Pug, Molly or Sally making them difficult to trace;

5) Thou shalt, not use any middle names but only initials on legal documents or census reports;

6) Thou shalt, learn to sign all documents illegibly so that your surname can be spelled, or misspelled, in various ways such as: Dringi, Dourng, Dreng, or Drung;

7) Thou shalt, after no more than 3 generations, make sure that all family records are lost, misplaced, burned in a court house fire, or buried so that no trace of them can be found;

8) Thou shalt, propagate misleading legends, rumors and vague innuendoes regarding your place of birth; a: you may have come from England, Ireland or Wales; b: you may have American Indian ancestry of the tribe ___; c:you may have descended from one of three brothers the came over from ____: d: You descended from Royalty and the copy of the family Coat of Arms that you brought with you has been lost.

9) Thou shalt, leave no cemetery records, or headstones with legible names;

10) Thou shalt, always flip thy name around. If born James Albert thou must make all the rest of thy records in the names of Albert, AJ, JA, Al, Bart or Alfred;

11) Thou shalt, leave no family Bible with records of birth, marriages or deaths;

12) Thou must also flip thy parent's names when making reference to them, although "unknown" or a blank line is an acceptable alternative;

13) Thou shalt name at least 5 generations of males, and dozens of their cousins with identical names in order to totally confuse future researchers;

14) Thou shalt, name several children after famous people, and then use ridiculous nicknames to make them unrecognizable in censuses and other records such as George Washington (Joe). *some name were changed to protect the innocent ! ! !