The Drings of Woodhurst

by Dr Colin Dring

John, the son of John and Mary, was baptised at Warboys 26 Dec 1695. He married Ann HILLS at Woodhurst, only a few miles from Warboys, 7 Nov 1725. All their eight children were baptised at Warboys and it is from William, their second son, that the Woodhurst line develops. John was a blacksmith and in his will left everything to his wife Ann, not naming any of his children.

William was baptised at Warboys 18 May 1729 and married Grace JOHNSON there on 16 Apr 1762. All their five children were baptised at Woodhurst but William was buried back at Warboys 30 Jul 1772. His widow Grace then married William FURNICE at Woodhurst 5 Feb 1773 and had more children by him. Shirley Firth tells me that in 1837 and 1840 two of the FURNICE descendants were involved in fights with the Irish labourers who had been brought in as cheap labour for the harvests and were sent to prison for this.

I am 95% confident that it was this William who married Grace. His father was a blacksmith as were his sons John and Oliver. William of Warboys 1707-1781 married Hannah SKEELS and had a son William baptised in 1733 but he died as a baby. They had another William baptised 1734 but he must be the William who was buried in 1751 as they had yet another William baptised in 1752 and this one survived to be mentioned in his father’s 1777 will. All this branch of the family seem to have been farmers and not blacksmiths. Another possibility is the William baptised 16 Nov 1735 son of Thomas and Mary but, again, this was not the blacksmith line.

William and Grace had five sons baptised at Woodhurst, all described as sons of William and Grace, but no daughters. The eldest stayed on in Woodhurst as a blacksmith but the others presumably had to make their own way in the world. The youngest, Oliver, moved to St Ives as a blacksmith but the other three have disappeared from the picture – one day they will turn up!

William & Grace's sons were:

John: Baptised 10 Apr 1763. He married Elizabeth HALL at Woodhurst 10 Apr 1787 and they had the grand total of 13 children, all of whom I have managed to trace. John was buried at Woodhurst aged 84 on 25 Mar 1847, leaving a very detailed will, and his widow Elizabeth was buried there aged 82 on 26 Nov of the same year.

William: Baptised 7 Jan 1765. NO MORE YET KNOWN.

Edward: Baptised 12 Nov 1766. NO MORE YET KNOWN.

Thomas: Baptised 11 Sep 1768. NO MORE YET KNOWN.

Oliver: Baptised 17 Feb 1771. He moved to St Ives and founded his own dynasty there – see The St Ives Branch.

John, 1763-1847, was described as a blacksmith in some of the parish register entries and mentioned a blacksmith’s shop in his 1842 will but had by then climbed the social scale and described himself as a yeoman. The open fields of the village were enclosed in the late 18th century. All those who had claims to land or common rights had to register their interest and the printed record shows that an Ann SMITH claimed "one commonable messuage, now a blacksmith’s shop in the occupation of John DRING, copyhold of the manor of Woodhurst". John must have bought this at a later date for it was his to bequeath in his will. A check of the manor court books should show when John made the purchase, should confirm when his son William claimed his inheritance and when the property passed out of the family – did William’s son,

Pictured below -John Dring's old blacksmiths pictured in the 1990'sJohn Dring's Old Blacksmiths at Woodhurst

George William, take over the title or had it been sold before William died? Shirley Firth has shown me old maps which positively identify John’s house; this, now known as "Swan Weir", still stands, much improved but probably basically unaltered, today.

England was not very democratic at this time and only men with certain property qualifications were entitled to vote. A list of electors for 1807 shows that the grand total of three men were registered for Woodhurst. John was one of these, his qualification being the house that he then owned; later returns show that he had land as well as a house.


Here is an extract of John’s will:

John DRING of Woodhurst, yeoman. Dated 1 Feb 1842. Signed (not a mark.)

To wife Elizabeth all freehold estates for life + all furniture etc. After her death execs to sell those 3 cottages in Woodhurst occupied by William DRING, John HEAT & Henry MUNNS, pay off a mortgage and also sell that piece of yard land and leantoes adjoining barn in occupation of my son George DRING. To my son George DRING the messuage in Woodhurst in his occupation with yard, barns, etc + the adjoining piece of land on which my son Wiliam has erected a hovel + the tailor’s shop, which adjoins the house, in the occupation of Joseph SUTTON but George to pay me 20s p.a. until I die. To my son Thomas DRING a messuage in Woodhurst occupied by William CHAPMAN. To my son William DRING cottage & blacksmith’s shop in Woodhurst but he to pay £10 to Elizabeth wife of John LEADING, labourer of Spaldwick. To my son Oliver DRING & Mary his wife the cottage in Woodhurst occupied by William GRIFFIN for life but execs then to sell and divide proceeds among all testator’s children. To my son Johnson DRING a cottage in Woodhurst occupied by Joseph SUTTON. Whereas I have sometime since built a cottage on an estate at Colne, Hunts belonging to my son-in-law George HOLLINGWORTH, husband of my dau Susan, now (in effect) gives the cottage to him but he to give £6 to testator’s dau Elizabeth LEEDING. To my dau Elizabeth LEEDING £30 charged on 5 of the sons. To my son Edward DRING, already provided for in life, my best wishes. Execs: son George DRING and friend John Longland EKINS. Proved 1847 – no details.

Thus it would seem that John was a man of modest substance when he died but all of his sons seem later to have been of lowly means. The above will and the parish register entries make it easy to detail John & Elizabeth’s children. All register entries that follow are at Woodhurst unless otherwise stated.

The children of John & Elizabeth were:

William: Baptised 3 May 1789. A blacksmith. Married Mary SKINNER at Woodhurst 10 Nov 1812. They had six children, all of whom can be traced. Mary was buried 1 Jan 1852 age 61 and William age 65 on 26 Jan 1855. At the time of the 1851 census they were living with their son George and were described as paupers.
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Edward: Baptised 14 Jun 1791 but buried 5 May 1792.

Elizabeth: Baptised 17 Mar 1793. Married John LEEDING (LEADEN in the register) of Connington, Cambs at Woodhurst 7 May 1816. In 1842 they were living at Spalding and John was described as a labourer.

Susannah: Baptised 19 Apr 1795. Married George HOLLINGWORTH of Colne 25 Mar 1817 and living at Colne in 1842.

Oliver: Baptised 5 Mar 1797. Married Mary CARTER 27 Oct 1824. He was an agricultural labourer and they appear at Woodhurst on the 1851-1871 censuses. No children are recorded in the registers or on the censuses. Mary was buried at Woodhurst, aged 76, 22 Mar 1874. Oliver himself was buried, aged 79, at Woodhurst 27 Oct 1875, the register noting that he had died in the St Ives Union Workhouse – which was actually at Hemmingford.

Edward: Baptised 9 Dec 1798. Married Selah (or Estella etc) NICHOLS at Woodhurst 1 Feb 1819 but described then as of Old Hurst. Five children traced. He was living at Old Hurst at the time of the 1841 census and was then a publican; his wife was not on the census so may have died by then. Edward does not appear on any of the later Woodhurst censuses so probably he remained at Old Hurst. Move to Family of Edward & Selah

Thomas: Baptised 19 Apr 1801. Married Elizabeth DUNKLING 27 Oct 1824 but she was buried, age 23, on 2 Oct 1825. He married again to Esther SEEKINGS at Old Hurst on 6 Nov 1827. Eight children traced. In 1851 the family was living at Woodhurst, Thomas being an agricultural labourer. He was still a labourer in 1861 but in 1871 was described as a road mender. Move to Family of Thomas & Esther

Thomas died aged 75 in 1875. Esther was still at Woodhurst as a widow for the 1881 census, being the only Dring left in the parish, but she was buried there, aged 87, 5 Dec 1887. The register noticed, unusually, that she had been baptised in 1803. Shirley Firth has discovered letters in the local newspaper which show the probable reason for this. Esther apparently had been a staunch Baptist and she was buried in Woodhurst churchyard, not by the vicar but by Mr Haynes, the pastor of the St Ives Baptist Chapel. It seems that Esther’s family was charged the normal burial fee of 7/- but, as this was broken down as 3/6 for digging the grave, 1/- for tolling the bell and 2/6 for the vicar’s fees, it could well be argued that the family had been charged double the normal fees as the bell had not been tolled and the vicar had not taken the service. There followed a lively series of letters, with accusations and denials, in the newspaper between the vicar, Mr Pollock, and a Mr Samuel Fyson of Warboys.

John: Baptised 13 Jun 1802. Another John was baptised in 1804 but I cannot trace any burial for this first John; his burial may have escaped record, or for some reason have been elsewhere, but it is quite possible that it was the same John who was baptised in 1804 "by mistake".

John: Baptised 26 Feb 1804. Mentioned in his father’s 1842 will but not on the 1851 census for Woodhurst. Probably the John whose death was registered in the St Ives district (which includes Woodhurst) in 1846.

Johnson: Baptised 26 Feb 1804, the same day as John so they may have been twins. Married Susannah BENNINGTON 22 Oct 1833. Two children traced. Described in the registers as a farmer in 1834 but as a labourer in 1845 and in the 1841 census was a publican in Church Street; in 1851 he was a pauper- agricultural labourer. His wife in 1851 was working as a nurse and was recorded as age 39, born at Bury in Hunts. They were both in Woodhurst for the 1861 and 1871 censuses but Susannah was buried at Woodhurst, aged 62, 19 Nov 1875. Johnson spent his remaining years with his married daughter at Broughton before dying, aged 86, in 1889. Move to Family of Johnson & Susannah

Mary Ann: Baptised 16 Mar 1806 but buried, age 12, 6 Apr 1818.

Richard: Baptised 15 Jul 1810 but buried 17 Mar 1811.

George: Baptised 11 Apr 1813. Married Sarah GREEN 26 Oct 1835. Six children recorded. George was described as a tailor in all the baptismal entries but in 1851 he was described as both a tailor and a farmer of 12 acres. In the 1861 and 1871 censuses he was likewise both a tailor and a farmer. The 1871 census lists George as living in "Dring’s Yard" in Woodhurst – this seems to have been off Church Street; his brother Oliver was living in another cottage in the yard. Move to Family of George & Sarah

So six of John and Elizabeth’s sons married and five of them had children. To deal with each of these families in turn, all events being at Woodhurst unless otherwise stated:

The Children of William & Mary Dring

John: Baptised 20 Feb 1814. Buried, age 21, 17 Jan 1835.

Oliver: Baptised 24 Dec 1815. Buried, age 1 year, 14 Mar 1817.

Mary Anne: Baptised 24 May 1818. Married George BARNES 2 Mar 1835.

Thomas: Baptised 6 Feb 1820. Married Mary MUNNS 29 Oct 1839. He was a blacksmith when he married but was described in 1851 as an agricultural labourer; he was living then at Pells Hole, Woodhurst and his wife Mary was a dressmaker, age 30, born Woodhurst. They were still at Woodhurst in 1861 but had left by 1871. In 1881 he was living with Mary near the green at Hilton, Hunts but on 25 Feb 1882 Mary, aged 61, was buried back at Woodhurst, the register noting that she was then of Hilton. No children were mentioned on any of the censuses so they were probably childless.

Edward: Baptised 20 Jan 1833. Buried as a pauper, aged 31, on 4 Apr 1855 having died in the St Ives Union Workhouse. At the time of the 1851 census he was living with his brother George (soon to marry) in Church Street and was described as an unmarried journeyman blacksmith.

George William: Baptised 20 Jan 1833. At the time of the 1851 census he was an unmarried blacksmith and head of a household that included his destitute parents and his brother Edward as well as two lodgers. Shortly after the census, on 20 Apr 1851, he married Mary Ann IBBOTT, then a domestic servant. George and (probably all of) his family emigrated to America at some time between 1865 and 1871, probably in 1865 as the 1900 US census gives that Jane had been there for (?) 35 years.

Jim Wilson will soon be able to provide the details. Jim originally thought that Jane had come from Manchester – could it be that the family moved there before emigrating? Eight children were baptised at Woodhurst and Jim Wilson has discovered that another five were born in America. All the following American data has been provided by Jim Wilson:

Thomas: Baptised 18 Jul 1852 but buried, aged 9 mths, 3 Apr 1853.

Mary Ann: Baptised 20 Nov 1853. She was not with her parents for the 1861 census. She may have been away visiting a relation or she may have died but I haven’t been able to trace a death registration for her. Did she go to America?

Jane: Born 5 Feb 1854 and baptised 11 Mar 1855. She emigrated to America where she married Robert WILSON (son Frank WILSON & Elizabeth HYNARD; born 25 Nov 1852 in Somers, NY, died 30 Aug 1940 in New Canaan, Ct) 26 Nov 1876 in Somers (?), NY. She died 6 Dec 1925 in Stamford, Ct and is buried in the Old North Cemetery, Ridgefield, CT. She is Jim Wilson’s grandmother and was known to the family as Jennie. Jennie and Robert Wilson had five children, all born in Ridgefield: James Henry (born 10 Apr 1877, died 28 Dec 1963 at Canterbury, CT [cremated]), Frederick A (born 25 Jun 1879, died 27 Nov 1931 at Stamford, CT, buried in the Woodland Cemetery), Ernest Oscar (born 7 Mar 1881, died 5 Feb 1970 at Ridgefield), Mabel Isabella (born 26 Sep 1883, died 6 Feb 1970 at Whitefield, NH) and Ruth Marjorie (born 31 Jan 1893, died 1994 in Florida). Jim Wilson is charting the descendants of the Wilsons.

Thomas: Baptised 9 Mar 1856. He emigrated to America where he married Annie C POTTS who had been born 26 Jan 1850. He died 18 Jan 1936 in Stevenson, CT, Annie having died there earlier on 16 Nov 1919. Both are buried in the Riverview Cemetery in Stevenson.

Their children were:

Franklin George: Born 1879 at Pound Ridge, CT and died 1939 at Stevenson, CT where he is buried in the Riverview Cemetery. In 1899 he was a lineman for the Postal Telegraph. He married Elizabeth STOCKING; she was born 1881 in Cromwell, CT and died at Stevenson in 1959, being buried in the Riverview Cemetery.

Their children were:

Elsie Elizabeth: Born 9 Dec 1904 at Pound Ridge, NY. She married August SWANSON in November 1928 and they had four children: Robert (1 Mar 1930-1992), Donald (born 18 Mar 1932; lives in Puerto Rico), Phillip (born 11 Jul 1935; lives in Florida) and Richard (born 20 Nov 1936; lives in Florida).

Nellie Grace: Born 31 May 1906. She married Michael CAVANAUGH in Newtown in 1930 and they had five children: Harold, Gordon, Thomas (born May 1942), Kenneth (born 1945) and Grace.

Beulah Mae: Born 2 Nov 1909 at Stevenson (Monroe), CT. She married Victor ALLEN (born 2 Nov 1909 in Monroe) in 1933 and they had three children: Paul (born 16 Sep 1935), Lois (born 29 Oct 1936) and Janet (born 9 Jul 1945).

Franklin George Jr: Born 25 Dec 1911. He married 1st Dorothy Marian KALMBACHER and they had one adopted child, June Page who had been born 19 Apr 1936 in Derby, CT. He married 2nd Katherine CASTAGNA from Orange, CT.

Stanley Frederick: Born 23 Nov 1912 at Stevenson (Monroe), CT. Died 18 May 1982 at Stevenson; buried in the Riverview Cemetery. He married Beatrice Elaine DOWNS on 31 Aug 1940. She was born 5 Oct 1919 and still lives in Connecticut They had one child:
Barbara Elaine: Born 16 Feb 1945.

Grace A: Born 19 Oct 1883 at Stevenson, CT. Died there 19 Apr 1901 and buried in the Riverview Cemetery.

Susan: Baptised Woodhurst 12 Jul 1857. No more known of her.

Charles Edward: He was born 11 Mar 1861 and was aged 1 month on the 1861 census. He was baptised as Edward 7 Apr 1861 but was buried at Woodhurst 18 Jan 1863 as Charles Edward aged 1 yr.

Elizabeth: Born 28 Nov 1862 and baptised at Woodhurst 8 Jan 1865. No more known of her.

Frances: Born 10 Dec 1864 and baptised at Woodhurst, with her sister Elizabeth, 8 Jan 1865. Likewise no more known of her.

William: Born Shrub Oak, New York State. Details of his marriage have not yet been found but

his children were:

Emma who married Mr GARDNER
Frederick: He married Frankie in Ossning, NY.

Their children were:


          Georgie: Born Shrub Oak, NY, died Norwalk.who married Marie, and Linda CHACE who married Michael McCOMLEY.
          Lillie: Born Shrub Oak., NY, died Peekskill, NY.



Her Christian name was obviously difficult for the vicars to understand and she was recorded as Selah when she married in 1819, as Estella when two children were baptised at Woodhurst in 1819 and as Coelie or Celey in the Old Hurst registers from 1828 to 1835 but I am sure that these entries always refer to the same person. Her husband Edward was always described as a labourer in the registers but was a publican in 1841. Their five children were:

Susanna: Baptised 20 Jun 1819 at Woodhurst and buried there 10 Oct 1819.

Mary Ann: Baptised at Woodhurst 20 Jun 1819. Living with her father at Old Hurst in 1841.

Susanna: Baptised 13 Apr 1828 at Old Hurst. Not with her father in 1841 so may have died.

John: Baptised 13 Apr 1828 at Old Hurst. His sister Susanna was baptised the same day; they may have been twins, the second set in the family, or one or both might have been a late baptism. He was living with his father in 1841. A John Dring was buried at Woodhurst aged 31 on 29 Jun 1851; this could well be this John but there is no matching GRO death registration – Shirley Firth has rechecked this entry in the original register and confirms that it is correct.

George: Baptised Old Hurst 30 Jun 1833 and buried there 26 Sep 1835.


Thomas’s first wife, Elizabeth, died in 1825, a year after their marriage. All of the children below are by his second wife, Esther.

Betsy: Baptised 28 Jun 1829 at Woodhurst. Not with parents on the 1851 census so may have been living away in service. She was married at Woodhurst 7 Feb 1855 (as Elizabeth dau of Thomas, lab) to John SADDINGTON, a labourer of Woodhurst. Shirley Firth reports that they had a large family. The 1881 census shows that they were still living in the village, John being described as an agricultural labourer aged 52, born in Woodhurst; Elizabeth was then 52 which matches her baptism. Their children were Daniel aged 20, Thomas 14 and John 15, all working as agricultural labourers.

Daniel: Born 24 Dec 1830 and baptised 9 Jan 1831 at Woodhurst. Not with parents on 1851 census; probably the Daniel whose death was registered in the St Ives district (which includes Woodhurst) in 1845 although he was not buried in Woodhurst then.

Sally (Sarah): Baptised 22 Nov 1837 at Woodhurst as Sally. With parents in 1851 as Sarah. She married (no details) William GOVIER from Brill in Buckinghamshire who in 1881 was the publican of a beer house (a pub with no spirits license) at Great Raveley, Hunts. They had then three children, Harry, Agnes & Esther, all born at Great Raveley. Sarah’s unmarried sister, Rachel, was also with them as was William’s unmarried brother Edward who was a grocer aged 48.

William Seekings: Baptism not found but with parents, aged 11, in 1851 as Seekings. He married Betsy Ann GRIFFIN at Woodhurst 15 Nov 1865 (his sister Susan was married on the same day) and in 1881 he was a farm foreman or bailiff at Lattinboro Farm in Hemingford Abbots, Hunts with his wife Betsy Ann, aged 40, born St Ives, and two children: Emily, 14, born Woodhurst, and Mary Ann, 9, born Hemingford Abbots.

Susan: With her parents in 1851, recorded as age 9, born Pidley, Hunts. (Mark Burgess has details of the 1841 census for Pidley.) She married William RABEY, a labourer of Woodhurst, at Woodhurst 15 Nov 1865 – she and her brother, William Seekings, were married on the same day. William evidently took his bride back to Warboys, where he had been born, for the 1881 census shows them living at Ramsey End in Warboys, the name now being copied as RABY. William was then 39, an agricultural labourer, born in Warboys. Susan, now Susannah, was 39 and gave her birthplace as Pidley Heath. Their five children were Esther A aged 14, Elizabeth 11, John T 8, Mary A 5 and George 2, all born in Warboys.

Rachel: With her parents in 1851, recorded as age 7, born Woodhurst. She was still with them in 1861 and 1871 when she was described as doing field work. In 1881 she was living with her married sister Sarah at Great Raveley as an unmarried dressmaker aged 37. She was buried back at Woodhurst 20 Apr 1886, her age then being given incorrectly as 50

Esther: With her parents in 1851, recorded as age 4, born Woodhurst. She was still with them in 1861 but does not appear on the 1871 census. I cannot find any marriage or death record for an Esther in the GRO registrations for the St Ives district so it may well be that she had left the area.


George: Born 22 Jul 1834 and baptised 10 Aug 1834 at Woodhurst. Buried there 22 Sep 1834.

Martha: Born 12 Dec 1840 and baptised a little late on 7 Dec 1845 at Woodhurst. With her parents for the 1851 census. She married, probably in 1866, John MOLES, a labourer from Croydon in Cambridgeshire, and in 1881 they were living in Bridge Street in Broughton, Hunts with a family of six children. Martha’s widowed father was also living with them.


Mary Ann: Born 29 Jun 1838 and baptised 20 Sep 1846 at Woodhurst. With her parents for the 1851 census. Not with them in 1861 – this was probably the Mary Ann whose marriage is registered in the September quarter of 1859.

Charles: Born 24 Mar 1841 and baptised 20 Sep 1846 at Woodhurst. With his parents for the 1851 & 1861 censuses. He married Jane BURBRIDGE at Woodhurst 15 Oct 1863 but does not appear there for the 1871 census. I have been unable to locate Charles & Jane on the 1881 census – they may have died but could they have emigrated?

John: Born in Feb 1843 and baptised 20 Sep 1846 at Woodhurst. With his parents for the 1851 census but not on the 1861 or 1871 censuses. There is no likely match in the GRO death registrations so he had probably left home by then.

George: Born 24 Dec 1844 and baptised 20 Sep 1846 at Woodhurst – the last of the batch of four to be baptised that day! He migrated to Farndale in Yorkshire where the 1881 census shows him working as an ironstone miner and living with his wife Jane, aged 35, born Farndale, and five children: Lionel age 10, Johnson age 7, John William age 5, Harry age 3 and Charles age 1, all born in Farndale.

Lionel: Born May 1847 and baptised 21 Oct 1849 at Woodhurst. He married a Sarah from Swavesey in Cambridgeshire (marriage registered St Ives district Jun quarter 1870; this was not at Woodhurst Parish Church – probably in her home parish) and was still living in Church Street in Woodhurst in 1871, working as an agricultural labourer, but later migrated first to West Hartlepool and then to Stranton in Durham where he was working as a coal teemer in 1881, dying there in 1907. His children in 1881 were: John, age 11 born Swavesey, George, age 8 born Swavesey, Hannah, age 5 born West Hartlepool, and James William, age 1, born West Hartlepool. Another son, John, had been born at Woodhurst in December 1870 but he died in late 1871before the family moved.

Oliver: Born 16 Aug 1849 and baptised 21 Oct 1849 at Woodhurst. Buried there 24 May 1850.

Eliza: She was privately baptised at Woodhurst 6 Apr 1860 but was buried there, aged 1 month, 15 Apr 1860.

Daniel: He appears on the 1871 census as aged 11 but was not with his parents in 1871. This may well be the Daniel whose death was registered in 1863 although there is no burial entry for him at Woodhurst.

William Edward: Baptised at Woodhurst 26 Jun 1859, the register noting that he had been born 29 Oct 1855. He appears with his parents on the 1861 and 1871 censuses as William, being an agricultural labourer in 1871.

Edith (Elizabeth): She appears on the 1861 census as Edith aged 1 which matches a GRO birth registration. She was with her parents as Elizabeth aged 11 in 1871 – this must be Edith for there is no matching GRO birth registration for any Elizabeth at the appropriate time. The 1881 census finds her, as Elizabeth, in service as a general servant with William HUNT, a journeyman millwright, and his family in Derby Street, Grantchester, Cambs.


I have worked mainly from a transcript of the Woodhurst registers which covers C 1682-1851, M 1680-1851 and B 1690-1812 but have also checked, from the original BTs, C 1851-57 and B 1813-57. Shirley Firth of Woodhurst has since made her transcriptions of the registers for later periods (and other copied documents) available.

For Old Hurst I have used a transcript of C 1672-1812, M 1654-1836 and B 1691-1812 (no Dring entries for C, M or B) but have also checked the original BTs for CB 1813-50.

For Pidley cum Fenton I have used a transcript for C 1558-1812, M 1558-1837 and B

1558-1812, searching the original BTs for C 1813-50 and B 1813-37. There are no entries relevant to the Drings of Woodhurst but I hope to link the only two Dring entries (marriage of Hannah in 1755 and marriage of Edward in 1833) to the Drings of Warboys.

I am very pleased to be able to report that EVERY SINGLE PARISH REGISTER ENTRY for Woodhurst (the baptism of Edward in 1794 links to the St Ives branch of the family) until 1887 and for Old Hurst fits neatly into the above pattern. There is much detail to be added (help please!) but the main picture is clear for this branch of the Dring family.

All the entries for Woodhurst in the 1851-1881 censuses fit into the pattern but there are some names in the 1841 census which may be strays from nearby Warboys – this needs rechecking.

There are three later entries for Woodhurst:

13 Aug 1893 Bapt George Leonard DRING son Charles & Rachel, lab

6 Aug 1910 Marr George William DRING, insurance agent, 27, son of George William, engine driver, & Rosetta SILK

31 Dec 1951 Burial George DRING aged 68

that do not fit. They are probably strays from the Warboys Drings rather than Woodhurst Drings returning to base.

The surname DING also occurs at Woodhurst but I do not think that there has been any confusion between this and DRING.

All the American details for the descendants of George William DRING have been provided by Jim Wilson.

I have given mainly the bare details of baptisms, marriages and burials and will leave it to others to broaden these notes into a true family history.

Dr Colin M Dring 26 Jul 1999 Revised 6 Oct 1999 Revised 12 Nov 1999