The Drings of Warboys The Wistow Branch

By Dr Colin M Dring

John DRING was baptised at Warboys 13 Dec 1764, the son of Robert & Mary, and on 30 Jun 1789 married Mary ASHLEY at Warboys; both were single. They had five children baptised at Warboys and then evidently moved to Wistow, which is adjacent to Warboys, where a further six baptisms took place. I cannot yet trace a baptism for their son John who was named in both his father’s and his great uncle William’s wills.

John and Mary’s children were:

Hannah: Baptised at Warboys 2 Jan 1790. There is a marriage license in 1811 for Hannah DRING of Wistow to marry Thomas MEADOWS of Warboys but I have not recorded the marriage in either parish. I will recheck the registers but it does not appear in the Hunts Marriage Index 1754-1837 or the IGI. It may of course be that the marriage did not take place for some reason; perhaps one of the parties chickened out or even, possibly, died between the granting of the license and the planned wedding. This is not the Hannah who married at Wistow in 1820 as her marriage license shows that she was the daughter of Edward.

Mary: Baptised at Warboys 27 Mar 1792. She probably married William GIFFORD of Warboys at Wistow 25 Apr 1813. However, Jean Wheaton has spotted that a Mary DRING, infant, was buried at Warboys 13 Dec 1798; the parents of the Mary who was baptised in 1792, John & Mary, were still in Warboys at this time so this is possibly the same Mary but the burial would have been of a child aged 6 and I doubt that this would have been recorded as an infant. If Mary did indeed die in 1798, then whence came the Mary who married William GIFFORD in 1813? An element of uncertainty must remain but I am inclined to think that it was the Mary baptised in 1792 who married William GIFFORD.

Elizabeth: Baptised at Warboys 1 Dec 1793. She married Joseph MITCHELL of Warboys at Wistow 16 Apr 1811.

Ann: Baptised at Warboys 5 Sep 1796 and buried there 5 Aug 1797.

Ann: Baptised at Warboys 27 May 1798. She married John COPE at Wistow 3 Apr 1820.

Eleanor: Baptised at Wistow 28 Jun 1801. Her father’s 1832 will left £5 to my daughter Ellen, wife of Robert DING of Old Hurst. I haven’t yet found the marriage of Eleanor and Robert. It is not recorded at Old Hurst or in the Hunts Marriage Index which covers 1754-1837 or in the IGI. Perhaps they were living in sin?! Jean Wheaton has kindly supplied a copy of an entry in the 1841 census for Old Hurst. Robert DING, a butcher aged 40 (ages were rounded off in this census) was the head. Also present were Ellinor DING, 40, John DING, 15, Mary DING, 8, Jane DING, 1, and Robert DING, 2 months. The household also included Elizth MAILE, 15, a female servant, Samuel WHITE, 20, an ag lab, and William RISLEY, 20, an ag lab. All in the house had been born in the county. The enumerator for the census was Robert DING himself.

Robert: Baptised at Wistow 11 Jan 1803. His grandfather Robert DRING left this Robert £10 in his will. He married Maria MERRIL at Wistow 8 Oct 1829. The 1851 census shows that they were living at Ingham in Suffolk where Robert was a farm bailiff aged 48; his wife Maria was 44 and was recorded as having been born at Fulbourn in Cambridgeshire. No children were recorded so they were probably childless but a nephew, Robert SAMWORTH, lived with them; he was aged 17, born Ellington, and, surprisingly, still a scholar; Robert Dring’s brother John had married Ann SAMWORTH in 1831.

Sarah: Baptised Wistow 24 Jun 1805. She married William SOUTHWELL at Wistow 11 Aug 1829.

Thomas: Baptised at Wistow 2 Jan 1810. NO MORE YET KNOWN but not mentioned in father’s will of 1832 so probably had died before then.

John: Baptism not yet found. Mentioned in father’s will in 1832. Also included in his great uncle William’s will in 1813 so obviously born by then. Great uncle William left £10 at age 21 and "my silver watch" to John, son of my nephew John DRING. John lived on in Wistow to head the next generation of Drings here but in 1841 (info Jean Wheaton – see appendix) was living as an ag lab at Kings Ripton in Hunts and in 1851 the census (info Jean Wheaton – see appendix) finds him living "in the fen" as a publican at Wood Walton in Hunts; Jean reports that the 1851 census records him as having been born in Wistow and that his age on the census equates to his having been born in 1811. John married Ann SAMWORTH at Wistow on 26 Jun 1831. He was described as a publican when his first child was baptised but as a labourer for all the other baptisms.

John and Ann’s children,

all, except John, baptised at Wistow, were:

Sarah Anne: Baptised 28 Oct 1832. With parents in 1841 & 1851. No more yet known.

Mary: Baptised 8 Feb 1835. With parents in 1841 but not in 1851. No more yet known. I checked the 1881 census for any Mary born Wistow and found two possible matches. The first is for a Mary GARTON, living in Manor House Street, Wistow, age 38, wife of Henry GARTON, an ag lab of 36, born Wistow. The second is for a Mary MARTIN, living in Church Street, Wistow, age 39, wife of Edward MARTIN, a Chelsea Pensioner Band Master of 49, born at Longland in Ireland.

Robert: Baptised 7 May 1837 but buried at Wistow 15 Nov 1837 aged 7 mths.

John: Born 1837-38. Baptism not yet found. It would be worth rechecking the Wistow register or looking for it in Kings Ripton. With his parents in 1841 & 1851. No more yet known.

William: Baptised 6 Aug 1843. With parents in 1841 & 1851. In 1881 he was living in London at Fulham and working as a Police Constable. His wife Selina had been born at Shirley Holmes in Hampshire. They had three children: William 9, Flora Maud 8 and John R 3, all born in Fulham.

Robert: Baptised 5 Mar 1854. With parents in 1851. No more yet known.

Edward: Baptised Wistow 6 Jan 1814, his father now being recorded as a farmer. NO MORE YET KNOWN and not mentioned in father’s will of 1832 so probably had died before then.

Jane: Baptised at Wistow 23 Jun 1823, her father now being recorded as a yeoman. Mentioned in her father’s 1832 will. There is a marriage license in 1843 for Jane DRING of Wistow & William PHYPES of Hemingford Abbots but I have not yet checked in either parish for this marriage.

John senior was supposed to inherit £10 in his father Robert’s 1813 will but I would doubt if he actually received this as others were to receive a total of £90 and Robert’s personal estate was valued at under £20 when the will was proved in 1820. The same would apply to the legacy for Robert mentioned above. John senior was described as a farmer of Wistow in the baptismal register in 1814 and as a yeoman in the same in 1823. He had moved from Wistow to Broughton (an adjacent parish) when he made his will in 1832; both he and his wife were described as of Broughton when they were buried at Wistow in 1842:

5 Jun 1842 Buried John DRING of Broughton age 77.

13 Nov 1842 Buried Mary DRING of Broughton age 71.

John senior made his will on 16 May 1832, describing himself as a farmer of Broughton. He left all his moveable effects to his wife Mary who was to have a life interest in the profits from a tenement in the occupation of Matthew PHILLIPS and John DRING and in the profits from 2 acres of land in the occupation of John COPE (was this his son-in-law, husband of Ann?) On his wife’s death the property was to pass to his son Robert who was then to pay legacies of £20 to my son John, £20 to my daughter Jane DRING and £5 to my daughter Ellen, wife of Robert DING of Old Hurst. Executors to be Robert DRING and John ORBELL. Signed with a mark. The will was proved in 1850 at the Archdeaconry Court of Huntingdonshire – no details held.

1841 census for Kings Ripton, Hunts:
HO 107/488/18 folio 4b. (Information kindly supplied by Jean Wheaton.)

John DRING   30 Ag Lab   Yes (i.e. born in county)
Ann DRING   25     Yes
Sarah DRING   8     Yes
Mary DRING   6     Yes
John DRING   2     Yes
William DRING   2 mths     Yes

1851 census for Wood Walton, Hunts:
HO 107/1748 folio 210a, entry 66 (in the fen). (Information kindly supplied by Jean Wheaton.)

John DRING   Head M 41 Publican HUN Wistow  
Ann DRING   Wife M 31 Publican’s wife HUN Wistow  
Sarahann DRING   Dau U 18 ----- HUN Wistow  
John DRING   Son   13 Publican’s son HUN Wistow  
William DRING   Son   7 Publican’s son HUN Wistow  
Flora DRING   Dau   4   HUN Wistow  
Robert DRING   Son   1   HUN Wistow  
Thomas UPWOOD   Lodger U 58 Railway Lab   Not known  
John CHRISTOPHER   Lodger U 20 Railway Lab   Not known  

The parish registers start in 1628 but there is not yet a transcript except for marriages 1604-1837 (based for early years on BTs) published by Phillimore. I have checked the original PRs for baptisms 1750-1860 and burials 1750-1851. All the entries that I have found fit in the above pattern EXCEPT for two marriages:
6 Apr 1779 Charles ADCOCK of Pidley cum Fenton & Sarah DRING; the marriage license gives no extra details.
25 Apr 1813 William GIFFORD of Warboys and Mary DRING
4 Apr 1820 John BUTLER p Ramsey 21+ & Hannah DRING, a minor. The marriage license is for Hannah DRING, Wistow, 19, with consent of father Edward, and John BUTLER alias ANDREW, Ramsey.
However, Jean Wheaton is fairly confident that she can link all three marriages elsewhere in the clan.
NB There were no Drings remaining in Wistow for the 1851 census.

Dr C M Dring

Revised 20.9.00