Drings of Warboys - The Newmarket Branch

by Dr Colin Dring

George Dring was born at Warboys, son of Thomas Dring, harnessmaker, and by 1850 was established at Newmarket as a harnessmaker in his own right. His age was given as 40 on the 1861 census but as 56 on the 1881 census. He must therefore have been born in the 1820-1825 time frame. I get confused as to who was who in Warboys at this time so I haven’t as yet attached him to a definite line of descent.

Newmarket St Mary PRs 23 Jun 1850 give marriage

George Dring of full age, bachelor, harnessmaker, of St Mary Newmarket, son of Thomas Dring, harnessmaker, and Elizabeth Foreman of full age, spinster, of St Mary Newmarket, dau of Samuel Foreman, innkeeper. Banns. Witnesses: Wm (?Hoy) & Susannah Foreman. Both George and Elizabeth were sufficiently literate to be able to sign the register.

Newmarket St Mary PRs also give

26 Jan 1851 C Eliza dau George & Elizabeth Dring, harnessmaker of St Mary, Newmarket. (Birth reg’d GRO Dec ¼ 1850.)

4 Jun 1854 C Thomas son George & Elizabeth Dring, harnessmaker of St Mary, Newmarket. (GRO Mar ¼ 1854.) – See below & re Wickhambrook.

GRO also gives birth of George Dring Sep ¼ 1859 but no baptism found at either St Mary or All Saints Newmarket.

The 1851 census for Newmarket has not survived but the 1861 census gives, in Grosvenor Yard in Newmarket St Mary:

George Dring Hd M 40 Harnessmaker Journeyman HUN Warboys
Elizabeth " W M 39 --- CAM Cheveley
Eliza " D 10 Scholar Newmarket
Thomas " S 7 Scholar Newmarket
George " S 1 Newmarket

Newmarket St Mary PRs give 3 Feb 1872 burial of Bessie Dring age 50 of All Saints.

Newmarket All Saints PRs give marriage 30 Jul 1874

George Dring, of full age, widower, sadler, of All Saints, son Thomas Dring, sadler, and Catherine WATSON, of full age, widow, of All Saints, dau of Henry Smith, shoemaker. Both sign. Banns. Witnesses: Charles Adlard & Matilda Adlard (both sign).

The 1881 census (below) shows that the widowed Catherine brought two children to the new marriage, Charles & Clara WATSON, aged 12 and 10.

GRO birth registrations give (baptisms not yet sought):

Dec ¼ 1874 Harry Dring Newmarket

Dec ¼ 1876 William Dring Newmarket

Mar ¼ 1879 Ellen Dring Newmarket

The 1881 census for Newmarket All Saints, Cambridgeshire, gives, at 2 Turf Terrace:

George Dring Hd M 56 Harness Maker HUN Warboys
Catherine " W M 40 --- CAM Newmarket
Thomas " S U 24 Mail Cart Driver (Carter) SFK Newmarket
Charles WATSON SiL 12 Scholar SRY Wandsworth
Clara WATSON DiL 10 Scholar BKM Loudwater
Harry (Flo) DRING S 6 Scholar SFK Newmarket
William DRING S 4 Scholar SFK Newmarket
Ellen DRING   2 Scholar SFK Newmarket
Henry COOPER U 24 Mail Cart Driver (Carter) CAM Newmarket

Henry Cooper was presumably a lodger, probably a friend of Thomas Dring as they both had the same jobs, possibly as partners. I don’t know what the "(Flo)" after Harry’s name means – this could be checked on the original as the above is from the Mormon index. NB There were two parishes in Newmarket, All Saints in Cambridgeshire and St Mary in Suffolk.

Eliza and George jnr are missing from the 1881 record. They may have died or married and possibly moved – to be checked. I have not yet followed up the younger children from the George’s second marriage but Thomas can be traced.

The annual indexes to post 1858 wills give:

1897: Maria Dring, wife of Thomas, of Wickhambrook, Suffolk, died 8 Nov 1896. Admon BSE to husband, contractor. £215 15s.

1900: Thomas Dring, mail contractor of Wickhambrook, Suffolk, died 30 Nov 1899. Admon with will at BSE to Eliza wife of Alpheus Fisher. £139 15s.

Checking the full details for Thomas at the Bury Registry (SRO 24/232) gives:

Thomas Dring, Mail Contractor of Wickhambrook, Suffolk. Everything to his wife Maria Dring or, if deceased, to his daughter Fanny Maria Dring. Exec: wife (or daughter if deceased). Witnesses: George Westrope & Edmund Dore, Clerks to Solicitors. Administration with this will annexed granted to Eliza Fisher, wife of Alpheus Fisher, the guardian of Fanny Maria Dring, the executrix, who is a minor.

Wickhambrook churchyard was closed in 1890. The burial register has a few entries from then on but none for Thomas or Maria.

Newmarket All Saints PRs give baptism 4 Jul 1887 of Fanny Maria Dring, dau of Thomas & Maria Dring, Turf Terrace, Mail Cart Driver. Marginal note says born 18 May. (Reg’d GRO Jun ¼ 1887 Newmarket.)

Marriage of Thomas & Maria not traced but prob = Shoreditch Sep ¼ 1886.

Check of 1891 census for Wickhambrook gives for Wickham Street (marginal note that "Head absent C/B"):

Maria Dring Wife 42 Born SFK Stowmarket St Mary’s
Fanny Maria Dring Dau 3   SFK Stowmarket All Saints

It seems likely that Maria came from Stowmarket and returned there for the birth of Fanny Maria but then returned home to Newmarket.

The GRO death registrations record the death of George Dring aged 68 in the Mar qtr of 1891 and the death of Catherine Dring in the Sep qtr of 1910, both in the Newmarket district.