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10 September 1826 James Dring & Mary Stacey. Boston Parish Records. Entry 492 BD
17 February 1833 Samuel James Dring m. Mary Edwards. St. Botolphs Church, Boston, Lincs BD
09 October 1838 Eliza Dring - Herbert Turner Gt Gonerby Parish Church Lincs reg- Grantham
19 February 1839 Mahala DRING, of full age, Spinster, Warboys, (Signed with a mark) Father Thomas DRING, Labourer Richard MARSHALL, of full age, Bachelor, Labourer, Warboys, (Signed Register) Father Henry MARSHALL, Labourer Marriage at Church of Warboys in County of Huntingdonshire Witnesses Henry HODSON, William SAMWORTH Married by Wm FINCH JKW
13 Oct 1840 Ann Dring to John Richardson. Burton Coggles Parish Church, Linc's ( reg- Grantham) JSM
10 May 1841 Joseph DRING to Maria SILLS at Parish church, Marston, Linc's - . entry 13, reg district - Newark. JSM
27 June 1842 John Dring - Elizabeth Ewerdine Westborough Church Lincs reg- Newark, Lincs JSM
17 November 1842 Elizabeth Dring - John Padget Muston Parish Church Leics JSM
20 May 1844 John Maddison Dring (Farmer)& Ann Burgess. Parish Church, Lutton. Entry 33 Holbeach BD
24 Nov 1844 Eliza Dring to Henry Green at Muston Parish Church Leics ( reg- Grantham) JSM
26 January 1845 William Dring - Ann Green Muston Parish church Leics gt gt grandparents JSM
26 March 1845 Mary Dring - John Thraves Grandby parish church Ntt reg- Bingham,Notts JSM
17 May 1845 John Dring - Elizabeth Shearman Corby Parish church Lincs reg-Bourne JSM
5 February 1846 Robert DRING full age, bachelor, servant, Newark, father William, cottager to Ann ROBINSON, full age, Claypole, father Isaac ROBINSON, certificate in the Parish Church of Newark, Notts. ent 63 JSM
09 March 1846 William Dring - Mary Ann Wing Colsterworth parish church Lincs reg- Grantham JSM
27 June 1848 Elizabeth Dring - Joseph Wood South witham Parish church Lincs reg- Grantham, Lincs JSM
31 October 1848 - Susan DRING to John GADSBY Ancaster, Lincs , entry 59. registered at Grantham.JSM
26 November 1848 William Dring - Elizabeth Moss Duffield parish church Dby Belper reg district JSM
4 June 1849 George Dring to Sarah Martin at Pickworth Parish church, Lincs ( reg Grantham) JSM
2 August 1849. William Hayward DRING, full age, bach, warehouseman, Aske Street son Robert DRING ( Dec), miller to Amelia GRAVNER, full, spins, Aske Street dau Robert GRAVNER , miller.Parish Church, St John the Baptist, Hoxton Middlesex. witnesses- Wm BALLARD/ James MASH. ent 74. registered at Shoreditch. JSM
10 February 1850 Milicent DRING 20,spinster, Basford, father Robert DRING, to Frederick PENDLETON, 22, bach, Basford, father Samuel in Basford Parish Church, Nott's ent - 375 , Registered at Newark JSM
01 June 1851 Eleanor Dring Francis Leighton Muston Parish Church Lincs reg- Grantham JSM
30th June 1851 Thomas Dring, Age 28 Bachelor, residing in Baston, Labourer, son of Francis Dring, Farmer. to Lucretia Brand, Age 21 Spinster, daughter of Richard Brand, Cow Keeper. Married in the Parish Church of Baston, Registered at Bourne in the County of Lincoln. PJD
28 June 1852- Mary DRING to John GRACE , entry 27. Registered at Grantham JSM
26 March 1853 John Dring (Engine Cleaner) & Emma Ball. Baptist Ch. Mint Lane, Lincoln. Entry 200 Lincoln BD
5 May 1853 Catherine Dring to Joseph Tatton at South Witham parish church, Lincs ( reg- Grantham) JSM
27 Dec 1854 Eliza Dring to William Willis. Hough Parish Church, Lincs ( reg- Grantham) JSM
25 June 1855 Sarah Emma Dring - John Barlow Muston Parish Church Lincs reg- Grantham JSM
15 October 1857 Thomas DRING 24yr, Batchelor, Woodhurst (signed with a mark) Father: Thomas DRING Labourer Caroline BELL 21yr, Spinster, St Ives, (signed with a mark) Father Edward BELL Labourer Witnesses William Bryant (X) and Sally Dring (signed) Marriage at Baptist Chapel, Woodhurst in Counties of Huntingdonshire & Cambridge.MCB
25 November 1857 Martha Dring - William Willows Foston Parish Church Lincs reg- Newark Lincs JSM
15 April 1861 Rebecca Dring to William Marriott at South Witham Parish church, Lincs. ( reg - Grantham) JSM
29 May 1862 James Dring to Elizabeth Walton at Grantham Parish Church.JSM
22 May 1866 Mary Ann Dring - John Holmes Ripley Parish church Dby reg- belper,Dby JSM
20 February 1867 John Dring (Miller) & Ann Sanders. Parish Church, Leven, Yorks. Entry 144, Beverley BD
22 April 1868 Elizabeth Dring - James Beecham Hough Parish Church Lincs Grantham reg distric JSM
21 September 1868 - Charlotte DRING,24,spinster father-Joseph, William ROBINSON, 26,bach,Joiner, Westbro' father John, Joiner The Parish Church, Hougham, Linc's. , Hougham, no 75, JSM
04 October 1869 Elizabeth Dring - Elijah Betts Croyland Parish Church Lincs JSM
23 December 1871 Elizabeth Dring - James Moon Codnor/Loscoe church Dby JSM
01 October 1871 Mary Ann Dring - Swift Foxon Ruddington Parish church Ntt Basford reg district JSM
23 December 1871 Elizabeth Dring - James Moon Codnor/Loscoe Parish churc Dby reg- basford,Ntt/Dby JSM
09 September 1872 George Dring - Ann Perry Witham parish church Lincs reg- Bourn, Lincs JSM
31 May 1873- Mary Ann DRING, full, spinster, Albion St, father- Thomas DRING ( dec) green grocer married Job THACKRAY, full, bach, collier, Albion St, father Charles, (dec) collier . wit- Joseph HEAP/ James HINGLEY.- no 271- St Peter Parish church, Nottingham registered at Nottingham, JSM
02 February 1874 Martha Dring - William Bosworth Denby parish church Dby JSM
04 February 1874 William Dring - Sarah Ann Whitton Lichfield Staffs Widow JSM
5 March 1874 - Fanny Maria DRING, 25, spinster, Langford, father William DRING, Labourer. to Edward BUCKLEY, 23, bach, Miller, Southwell father- Joseph PRIESTLEY, miller to ent 56 Parish church, Langford,Notts ( reg- Newark) Registered at Basford JSM
22 March 1874 - John DRING,27,bach, bricklayer, Elston, Notts, father Samuel James DRING, carpenter to Ann Scott PASK, 21, spins, East Allington, father - Henry Scott PASK, Labourer ent 66 at Parish Church East Allington, Lincs ( reg- Newark) JSM
12 November 1874 Edwin Dring (Labourer) & Eliza Carter. Parish Ch. Burwell. Entry 46 Louth BD
19 November 1874 John Dring - Ann Southern The Spring Church Gt Grims Lincs reg- Grimsby JSM
04 April 1875 John Dring - Mary Ann Watson St Anne's Chasetown Staffs reg- Lichfield JSM
13 December 1875 William Dring (Labourer) & Ann Coulson. Parochial Chapel, Whaplode Drove. Entry ? East Elloe BD
6 July 1876 William Dring (Fellmonger) & Mary Alice Blackith. St Peter at Gowts, Lincoln. Entry 450 Lincoln BD
03 April 1877 John Dring - Sarah Ann Smith Keyworth Parish Church Ntt JSM
22 July 1878 Jane Adams Dring - George Brooks Burton Coggles Parish Chur Lincs reg- Grantham JSM
11 May 1882 David DRING,30,bach, brewer, Unison Road, father- Robert DRING, deputy hall keeper to Clare Annie Stafford,21,spinster, Carlton Road, father- Thomas STAFFORD, joiner. - ent 239, St Mark's church, Nottingham - reg- Nottingham JSM
07 August 1886 Thomas Dring - Sarah Ann Mainwaring Basford Register off Ntt/Dby my Gt grandparents JSM
12 June 1886 George Dring - Louisa Elizabeth Roberts Basford reg Office Ntt/Dby JSM
11 September 1887 Lucy DRING, 20, spinster, Allen Street, father- Richard DRING labourer- to Arthur MARSHALL, 27, bach, furnaceman, Mathew Street- father- John MARSHALL, Grinder (deceased). entry 331
8 October 1887 - Sarah Emma DRING, 28, spinster (!), Woodlincoln,Codnor, Dbys father - William DRING, Labourer to Joseph BEARDSLEY, 29. bachelor (!), Miner, Woodlincoln, Codnor, Dbys - father John BEARDSLEY Register office, Basford, Notts/Dbys- entry 25.. reg Basford, Ntt/Dby. (They had their first child in 1878 and by 1887 had three. Even on the 1881 census they are down as husband and wife) JSM
23 May 1888 - John George DRING to Elizabeth PALMER, Burton Coggles.entry 88, registered at Grantham, Lincs JSM
16 November 1889 Eliza Dring - Priestley Brooksbank Halifax Parish Church Yks reg-Halifax JSM
26 March 1889 Annie Elizabeth Dring - Henry Briggs Burton Coggles Parish Chur Lincs reg- Grantham JSM
09 April 1890 Sarah Ellen Dring - Tom Annible Basford Reg ofice Ntt/Dby JSM
27 February 1890 Elizabeth Ann Dring - Charles William Hepton Wesleyan Ch,Middlesbrough Cleve reg- Middlesbrough JSM
09 April 1890 Sarah Ellen Dring - Tom Annible Register Office, Basford Ntt/Dby JSM
09 June 1890 Annie Maria Dring - James Brown Kew Wes Meth Chapel, Grantham Lincs reg- Grantham JSM
20 August 1892 William Dring (Labourer) & Mary Elizabeth Baker. Parish Church, Greenkeys, Chorlton. Entry 386 Chorlton BD
5 October 1892 Seth Dring (Miller) & Eliza Mary Richardson. Parish Church, Long Sutton. Entry 80, Holbeach BD
22nd January 1893 Edwin Dring (but shown as Edward) Age 22 years son of Thomas Dring to Elizabeth Saunders Age 20 years daughter of John Saunders. Married at St. Paul's Church in the Parish of Thornton Heath in the County of Surrey. Registered at Croydon PJD
09 April 1893 William Dring - Amelia Harthill Lichfield Register Office Staffs Widower/Widow JSM
16 October 1895. Arthur DRING, 24, bach, Butcher, Billinghay son John DRING, butcher to Mary WOOD, 26 , spins, Billinghay, dau George WOOD, farmer.The Wesleyan Chapel, North gate, New Sleaford, Lincs ent 196 - witnesses - George/Elizabeth WOOD. registered at Sleaford. JSM
19 March 1896- Mary Jane DRING to Edwin Thomas COOKE - 20 yrs, bach, coal miner, Union St, Chasetown, father- Edwin, coal miner, (Mary) 20, spins, Union St, Chasetown, father John DRING, coal miner. no 149-Lichfield Register office- Witnesses Joseph MILES and Ann WATSON. registered at Lichfield Staffs. JSM
03 July 1897 Elias Dring - Alice Louisa Mitchell St Jude,Hunslett,Leeds Yks reg-Hunslet JSM
02 April 1898 William Tyers Dring - Martha Mawson St John's Derby Dby reg- Derby JSM
25 December 1899 Agnes Eliza Dring - Harry Nicholas Washbourn Heanor Parish church Dby reg-Basford JSM
01 August 1899 Alfred William Dring - Annie Munton Gen bapt Chapel, Fleet Har Lincs reg- Holbeach JSM
28 January 1899 Joseph Sills Dring - Elizabeth Roberts St Nicholas, Lincoln Lincs reg- Lincoln JSM
06 October 1900 Ada Elizabeth Dring - George Fred Meakin Heanor Parish Church Dby reg-Basford JSM
15 October 1901 Charles Dring (Labourer) & Mary Wilkinson. Parish Ch. Saltfleetby St Peter. Entry 108 Louth BD
25 December 1903 Fred Dring -Sarah Lily Joynes Heanor Parish Church Dby reg-Basford JSM
04 January 1904 Harold John Dring - Mary Maude Marsh St John's New Clee Lincs reg- Grimsby JSM
29 June 1905 Herbert Mathew Dring - Elizabeth Truepenny Gen bapt Chapel, Fleet Har Lincs reg- Holbeach JSM
16 July 1905 - Elizabeth DRING, 18, spinster, married Joseph ALLTON, 21 , bach, collier, Hurley, Kingsbury, father Thomas, builder (Elizabeth) Hurley, Kingsbury, father- John William DRING, collier. wit- Albert GOULD and Mary SIMS.- no 94-Tamworth register Office, Staffs registered at Tamworth, Staffs JSM
26 December 1905 Annie Mary Dring - Ernest Bothamley Gen Bapt Chapel,Long Sutto Lincs reg- Holbeach JSM
27 October 1906 Ernest William Dring - Ada Florence Balderson All Saints Grimsby Lincs reg- Grimsby JSM
22 June 1910 John Thomas Dring - Sarah Ann Blanchard Gen bapt Chapel,Fleet harg Lincs reg-Holbeach JSM
15 April 1911 Tom Southern Dring -Bertha Turner Prim Meth Chapel,Cleethorp Lincs reg-Grimsby JSM
31 March 1913 - Emma DRING, 20, spins married Albert SANDERS, 30, bach, miner, Chase Terrace, father- Henry SANDERS, miner , Chasetown, (Emma) father John DRING, miner.- no 260-St Anne's church, Chasetown, Staffs. registered at Lichfield Staffs.JSM
19 November 1914 Florence Elizabeth Dring -George Ramsden Clee Parish Church Lincs reg- Grimsby JSM
.26 December 1914, John DRING, 22, bach,miner, 23 Picadilly, Kingsbury - father- John William DRING, miner to Georgina TOWERS, 20, spinster, Kingsbury, father- Reuben TOWERS, farm labourer.- no 25 - Kingsbury parish Church, Warwicks registered at Tamworth.JSM
22 May 1915 Nellie Dring - William Brough Basford Register off Ntt/Dby JSM
24 January 1916. Ethel Ann DRING, 22, spinster, Chasetown, father- William DRING miner to Harry CLARIDGE, 28, bach, Soldier on Active service, Chasetown, father- Henry CLARIDGE, moulder , .St Anne's Church Chasetown Staffs Witnesses - William CLARIDGE/ Margaret KELLY. no 361 registered at Lichfield Staffs JSM
30 September 1916 Ida Lily Dring - Horace Alfred Redwood Mansfield Parish Church Ntt JSM
16 February 1918 Sarah Ellen Dring - John William Gilbert Basford register off Ntt/Dby JSM
26 December 1919 William Dring - Florence Elizabeth Saunders Register Office, Basford Ntt/Dby JSM
17 April 1920 Ida Lily Dring - Bertram Cecil Otterwell Basford register off Ntt/Dby JSM
23 August 1920 Seth Maddison Dring (Seed Merchants Clerk) & Beatrice Olive Keightley. Register Office, Boston. Entry 160 Boston, Lincs BD
28 March 1921 Jessie Dring & Ernest Herbert Marshall (Electrician). Holy Trinity Church, Skirbeck, Boston. Entry 39 Boston BD
17 September 1921 Mary Ann Elizabeth Dring -Edward Henry Morse Heanor parish Church Dby JSM
26 December 1921 Charles Wallwin Dring -Beatrice Thacker Portsea Parish Church Hants reg-Portsmouth JSM
28 March 1921 Jessie Dring (dr of Seth) m. Ernest Herbert Marshall. Skirbeck Parish, Boston, Lincs BD
27 August 1921 Ada Annie Hewerdine Dring William Witty Falkingham Prim MethodistChurch Hunsl Yks Lady pit lane chapel JSM
9th July 1923. Elizabeth Dring Age 21 years daughter of Edwin Dring to William David Osborne Age 23 years son of William Frederick Osborne. Registered at Croydon in the Counties of Surrey and Kent.PJD
17 January 1925 Emily Edith Dring - Leonard Buxton Basford Register off Ntt/Dby JSM
31st October 1925. Thomas DRING age 23, Bachelor, Rank or Profession - Locomotive Fireman. Residence:- 22, Hawthorne Grove, Penge. Father's name Edwin DRING. Rank or Profession - Cartage Contractor Carman Rose FOX age 22, Spinster, Residence:- 11, Coliston Road, Wandsworth. Father's name Walter Stephen FOX. Rank or Profession - Bricklayer (Journeyman). Witnesses: W. Osbourne + J. Fox.PJD
26 December 1925 Percy Dring - Mary Lucy Ethel Ward Utd Meth Chapel mansfield Ntt Nottingham Rd Chapel JSM
22 December 1926 Herbert Cooper Dring - Lizzie Elms Bapt chapel,Long Sutton Lincs reg- Holbeach JSM
09 January 1926 Mary Jane Dring - Peter Cassidy St Joseph's RC, Hunslet Yks reg- Hunslet JSM
09 November 1929 William Alfred Dring - Ruby Cooper Barton St Andrew Nfk reg- Downham JSM
06 December 1930 Susan May Dring - William Arthur Hopkinson Basford Register off Ntt/Dby JSM
11 October 1930 John Arthur William Dring - Ada Morris Register Office, basford Ntt/Dby JSM
26 December 1931 Frank Dring - Freda Alice Woods Gen bapt chapel, Fleet Har Lincs reg- Holbeach JSM
25 July 1931 Eva Elizabeth Dring - John Stubley Gen bapt Chapel,Fleet Harg Lincs reg- Holbeach JSM
9 January 1943 Leonard William Dring (Contractor) & Doris May Dennis. Parish Ch. Wainfleet. Entry 18 Spilsby BD
6th March 1948 Iris Rosemary Dring Age 20 daughter of Thomas Dring to Frederick Thomas Rowe Age 24 years son of Frederick Rowe Married at St. Catherine's Church in the Parish of Feltham in the County of Middlesex. Registered at Staines.PJD
05 April 1952 Elias Dring - Thirza Spencer Scunthorpe Register Office Lincs widower/widow JSM
05 June 1954 Betty Doreen Dring - Jack Taylor Geb bapt chapel,Fleet harg Lincs reg- East Elloe, Lin JSM
27 December 1954 Frank Ernest Dring - Sylvia Mary Walpole St Mary's Long Sutton Lincs reg- East Essex JSM
16 May 1959 Frank Thomas Dring - Doreen Mary Ellis Methodist Chapel.Holbeach lincs reg- East Elloe,Linc JSM

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