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Thomas & Annie (Potts) Dring & dau GraceThis is the Headstone of Thomas Dring and his wife, in Riverside Cemetery, Stevenson, (Town of Monroe) CT. Taken Oct 1999

Jim Wilson

Franklin Dring 1879-1939The photo is of the Headstone of Franklin Dring, born in the USA, in the village of Pound Ridge, New York. Son of Thomas Dring and Annie Potts. b.1879 - d.1939 - buried in Riverview Cemetary, Stevenson, Ct.

Jim Wilson




Greenwood Cemetery, Clay Center, Kansas

On Matilda Dring's stone in Greenwood Cemetery, Clay Center, Kansas, USA: "Matilda Dring - Grace was in all her steps, Heaven in her eye, in every gesture Dignity and Love - Sept 6, 1866 - Sept 4, 1954." She is daughter of Johnson Dring.

There was no specific stone for Harry Dring, but there was an odd and interesting family stone for David & Julia Graham and their children in the Greenwood Cemetery, Clay Center, Kansas, USA. Several children were listed, and then in the lower right corner of the stone were the names "Harry Dring and Tillie Dring." This stone was right next to the stone for Matilda Dring. No doubt the reference to "Tillie" Dring was to Matilda Dring, daughter of Johnson Dring


Uniondale Cemetery, Clay County, Kansas:

Nathaniel Dring's headdstone"In Memory of Nath'l Dring. Died Jan 11, 1886. Aged 68 years. Rest in Peace." Stone is in average condition, and readable.

Mother Mary M. Hubbard.1885-1935. Wife of John T. Hubbard. Where there is much light, theShawdows are deepest." Note: Mary Maria "Polly" Dring married John T.Hubbard. Mary Maria "Polly" Dring Hubbard was born in Over, England, and is the daughter of Nathaniel Dring and Phoebe Hutchinson Dring."

"In Loving Memory of John T.Hubbard. Born July 9, 1848. Died December 4, 1905. There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. Hebrews 4:9" Note: John T. Hubbard is the husband of Mary Maria "Polly" Dring. Note: there is a distinctive naval anchor on the upper portion of the grave stone of John T. Hubard. No doubt the stone was selected by his wife Mary Maria "Polly" Dring. My grandmother Miriam Tannehill Martin tells a story that the captain of the ship that transported Mary and many members of her family, fell in love with Mary on the voyage to the United States. The captain wrote to Mary, and asked to come and see her in Kansas, but Mary wrote back, and declined, allegedly, because of the poor circumstances in which they were living in the United States. Mary ended up marrying a farmer, had a difficult life and died, but thats not the end of the story. It goes on for more than 100 years.

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Yarrow. Helen L. (His wife) 1859-1930. Alfred 1854-1926." Note:Helen Laura Dring married Alfred Yarrow. Helen Laura Dring Yarrow was born in Over, England, and is daughter of Nathaniel Dring and Phoebe Hutchinson Dring. A Yarrow family reunion is held every other year for the descendants of all their descendants in Clay County, along with the descendants of all the brothers and sisters of Alfred Yarrow.

"Clara Dring. 1864 Over, England. 1880 Exeter, Township. Dau. of Nathaniel & Phoebe Dring"

"John S. Dring. 1860-1943. Uncle Stoke" Note: John Stokley Dring was born in Over, England, and is the son of Nathaniel Dring and Phoebe Hutchinson Dring. Records indicate this site and stone was purchased by the families of his sisters, the Yarrows and Hammonds.

Note: there are at least six grave stones for children in Uniondale Cemetery, for chldren of John T. Hubbard and Mary Maria "Polly" Dring Hubbard. The inscriptions are beginning to be quite difficult to read, but following are some of the descriptions I read in late September 2000: 1) "William Hubbard died Jan 26, 1884 aged 3 yrs 5 mos"; 2) "Emely Hubbard"; 3) "John E. Hubbard died 1888"; 4) "Charles T. Hubbard July 26, 1888"; 5) "Frank Hubbard died Aug 3, 1884 Aged 3 mo"; 6) another unreadable stone. The children died of childhood diseases of one sort or another. Earlier cemetery records show the following children of John T. Hubbard and Mary Maria "Polly" Dring Hubbard are buried in Uniondale: Charles T., Edwin, Emely, Frank, John E., William G. These children, according to Clay County Cemetery records, died between 1879 and 1892. The deaths of these six children of Mary Maria "Polly" Dring Hubbard are reflected in the epitaph of Mary Maria "Polly" Dring Hubbard, noted above.

"In memory of Phoebe G. Wife of F. W. Thurlow. Born Aug 13, 1884. Died Jan 10, 1912 Thurlow. Asleep in Jesus." Note: Phoebe Yarrow Thurlow was a daughter of Helen Laura Dring Yarrow. Phoebe died in childbirth. Phoebe was named after her maternal grandmother, Phoebe Hutchinson Dring. Phoebe's descendants in the Clay County, Kansas area are under the name "Thurlow."

"Stoddard. Miriam F. June 10, 1882 - Mar 29, 1977. Edward H. November 25, 1877 - May 31, 1955. God is our refuge and strength." Note: Miriam F. Stoddard is a surviving daughter of Mary Maria "Polly" Dring Hubbard. Miriam Stoddard was named after her aunt Sarah Miriam "Minnie" Dring Hammond. Miriam Stoddard is great grandmother to my wife, Debra Kay Weidman Martin. Sarah Miriam Dring's name was also passed on to my paternal grandmother, Miriam Grace Tannehill Martin, a grand-daughter of Sarah Miriam Dring Hammond.

"Warren E. Stoddard. 1919 - 1938. Son of Edward & Miriam Stoddard. Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal."

The grave marker is gone, but cemetery records show there is an infant baby buried in the cemetery, named Eva Hammond. Eva Hammond is the daughter of Joseph Keene Hammond and Sarah Miriam "Minnie" Dring Hammond. Baby Eva is burried in the same cemetery as her grandfather, Nathaniel Dring.

Highland Cemetery, City of Wakefield, Clay County, Kansas:

"Hammond. Joseph K. 1849 - 1942. Sarah Dring wife of Joseph K. 1856 - 1937." Note: Sarah Dring Hammond is daughter of Nathaniel Dring, and she is my great-great grandmother. A "Hammond" reunion is held in Clay County each year, for all of her descendants.

St. Johns Cemetery, Rural Clay County, Kansas (just west of Wakefield, Kansas): "Rural Cemeteries of Clay County, Kansas" published by the Clay County Historical Society in 1993 show a stone for J. Dring. Recent search of location does not reveal stone. It appears this is the resting site of Johnson Dring, brother of Nathaniel Dring.

Doug Martin

New York

William George (George W) Dring Headstone before cleaningWilliam George Dring Headstone in Chicester Cemetery, Pound Ridge, Westchester County, New York Cleaned 6/23/03 by Jim Wilson


William George DRING and Mary Ann IBBOTT. Well it took some doing , but I have found my family immigrants (from Woodhurst, Huntingdonshire, UK), and they are not all that far from where I presently live. George William Dring and Mary Ann Ibbott are buried in Pound Ridge, Westchester County, NY

Jim Wilson

May-Ann Ibbott DringHeadstone before cleaningMary Ann IBBOTT Dring
Headstone in Chicester Cemetery, Pound Ridge, Westchester County, New York Cleaned 6/23/03 by Jim Wilson.

After I found the headstones for William and Mary, I cleaned them up.


Along with my Grandmother, (Jane "Jennie" DRING) I have found a) Frederick Ibbott DRING. b) Mary DRING Webb So slowly I am putting this family together. Have also found nearly 75 cousins, out in the Nebraska Area.

Jim Wilson

Lydia A Dring United Methodist Church, Shrub Oak, New York.

No idea yet where Lydia fits into the "Clan"

Jim Wilson

Frederick & Sarah A Dring

United Methodist Church, Shrub Oak, New York.

Frederick 1871-? born in the USA, younger son of George and Mary Ann (Ibbott) Dring who left Woodhurst, England. Also Sarah A 1873-1960.

Jim Wilson

Gravestone of Elsie Dring United Methodist Church, Shrub Oak, New York.

Elsie H. wife of George A. (thought to be son of Frederick above)

Jim Wilson

Henry/Harry DRING
- b.1868 - d.9May1957 Buried in Dale Cemetery, Wyoming, New York
Mabel E. (Olmstead) DRING - b.1860 - d.30Apr1954 Buried in Dale Cemetery, Wyoming, New York (wife of Harry/Henry DRING)
Forest DRING b. 27 Jan 1913 d. 13 Aug 1971 Buried - Dale Cemetery, Wyoming, New York