Story of Jane (Jenny) Dring

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John: Baptised 20 Feb 1814. Buried, age 21, 17 Jan 1835.
Oliver: Baptised 24 Dec 1815. Buried, age 1 year, 14 Mar 1817.
Mary Anne: Baptised 24 May 1818. Married George BARNES 2 Mar 1835.
Thomas: Baptised 6 Feb 1820. Married Mary MUNNS 29 Oct 1839. He was a blacksmith when he married but was described in 1851 as an agricultural labourer; he was living then at Pells Hole, Woodhurst and his wife Mary was a dressmaker, age 30, born Woodhurst. They were still at Woodhurst in 1861 but had left by 1871. In 1881 he was living with Mary near the green at Hilton, Hunts but on 25 Feb 1882 Mary, aged 61, was buried back at Woodhurst, the register noting that she was then of Hilton. No children were mentioned on any of the censuses so they were probably childless.
Edward: Baptised 20 Jan 1833. Buried as a pauper, aged 31, on 4 Apr 1855 having died in the St Ives Union Workhouse. At the time of the 1851 census he was living with his brother George (soon to marry) in Church Street and was described as an unmarried journeyman blacksmith.
George William: Baptised 20 Jan 1833. At the time of the 1851 census he was an unmarried blacksmith and head of a household that included his destitute parents and his brother Edward as well as two lodgers. Shortly after the census, on 20 Apr 1851, he married Mary Ann IBBOTT, then a domestic servant. George and (probably all of) his family emigrated to America at some time between 1865 and 1871, probably in 1865 as the 1900 US census gives that Jane had been there for (?) 35 years.

Jim Wilson will soon be able to provide the details. Jim originally thought that Jane had come from Manchester – could it be that the family moved there before emigrating? Eight children were baptised at Woodhurst and Jim Wilson has discovered that another five were born in America. All the following American data has been provided by Jim Wilson:


Thomas: Baptised 18 Jul 1852 but buried, aged 9 mths, 3 Apr 1853.

Mary Ann: Baptised 20 Nov 1853. She was not with her parents for the 1861 census. She may have been away visiting a relation or she may have died but I haven’t been able to trace a death registration for her. Did she go to America?

Jane: Born 5 Feb 1854 and baptised 11 Mar 1855. She emigrated to America where she married Robert WILSON (son Frank WILSON & Elizabeth HYNARD; born 25 Nov 1852 in Somers, NY, died 30 Aug 1940 in New Canaan, Ct) 26 Nov 1876 in Somers (?), NY. She died 6 Dec 1925 in Stamford, Ct and is buried in the Old North Cemetery, Ridgefield, CT. She is Jim Wilson’s grandmother and was known to the family as Jennie. Jennie and Robert Wilson had five children, all born in Ridgefield: James Henry (born 10 Apr 1877, died 28 Dec 1963 at Canterbury, CT [cremated]), Frederick A (born 25 Jun 1879, died 27 Nov 1931 at Stamford, CT, buried in the Woodland Cemetery), Ernest Oscar (born 7 Mar 1881, died 5 Feb 1970 at Ridgefield), Mabel Isabella (born 26 Sep 1883, died 6 Feb 1970 at Whitefield, NH) and Ruth Marjorie (born 31 Jan 1893, died 1994 in Florida).

Thomas: Baptised 9 Mar 1856. He emigrated to America where he married Annie C POTTS who had been born 26 Jan 1850. He died 18 Jan 1936 in Stevenson, CT, Annie having died there earlier on 16 Nov 1919. Both are buried in the Riverview Cemetery in Stevenson.


Franklin George: Born 1879 at Pound Ridge, CT and died 1939 at Stevenson, CT where he is buried in the Riverview Cemetery. In 1899 he was a lineman for the Postal Telegraph. He married Elizabeth STOCKING; she was born 1881 in Cromwell, CT and died at Stevenson in 1959, being buried in the Riverview Cemetery.

Their children were:

Elsie Elizabeth: Born 9 Dec 1904 at Pound Ridge, NY. She married August SWANSON in November 1928 and they had four children: Robert (1 Mar 1930-1992), Donald (born 18 Mar 1932; lives in Puerto Rico), Phillip (born 11 Jul 1935; lives in Florida) and Richard (born 20 Nov 1936; lives in Florida).

Nellie Grace: Born 31 May 1906. She married Michael CAVANAUGH in Newtown in 1930 and they had five children: Harold, Gordon, Thomas (born May 1942), Kenneth (born 1945) and Grace.

Beulah Mae: Born 2 Nov 1909 at Stevenson (Monroe), CT. She married Victor ALLEN (born 2 Nov 1909 in Monroe) in 1933 and they had three children: Paul (born 16 Sep 1935), Lois (born 29 Oct 1936) and Janet (born 9 Jul 1945).

Franklin George Jr: Born 25 Dec 1911. He married 1st Dorothy Marian KALMBACHER and they had one adopted child, June Page who had been born 19 Apr 1936 in Derby, CT. He married 2nd Katherine CASTAGNA from Orange, CT.

Stanley Frederick: Born 23 Nov 1912 at Stevenson (Monroe), CT. Died 18 May 1982 at Stevenson; buried in the Riverview Cemetery. He married Beatrice Elaine DOWNS on 31 Aug 1940. She was born 5 Oct 1919 and still lives in Connecticut. They had one child: Barbara Elaine: Born 16 Feb 1945.


Grace A: Born 19 Oct 1883 at Stevenson, CT. Died there 19 Apr 1901 and buried in the Riverview Cemetery.

Susan: Baptised Woodhurst 12 Jul 1857. No more known of her.

Charles Edward: He was born 11 Mar 1861 and was aged 1 month on the 1861 census. He was baptised as Edward 7 Apr 1861 but was buried at Woodhurst 18 Jan 1863 as Charles Edward aged 1 yr.

Elizabeth: Born 28 Nov 1862 and baptised at Woodhurst 8 Jan 1865. No more known of her.

Frances: Born 10 Dec 1864 and baptised at Woodhurst, with her sister Elizabeth, 8 Jan 1865. Likewise no more known of her.

William: Born Shrub Oak, New York State. Details of his marriage have not yet been found but his children wereFlossie
Emma who married Mr GARDNER.
Frederick: He married Frankie in Ossning, NY. Their children were:

Georgie: Born Shrub Oak, NY, died Norwalk.
Julia: She married Frank CHACE. Their children were William CHACE, who married Marie, and Linda CHACE who married Michael McCOMLEY.

Lillie: Born Shrub Oak., NY, died Peekskill, NY.

James Wilson is keeping a record of stray Drings in the USA Any photos of where they settled, family histories, census returns, news, etc. ?

Stevenson Village Church, Monroe,  Connecticut, USA

This is the Small Church in the village of Stevenson (Town of Monroe) Ct. where some of the DRING family would have attended. Thomas, Franklin and Stanley Dring and wives are buried in a little cemetery just to the left of the Church building.

Jim WIlson


Shrub Oak Methodist Church NY

The United Methodist Church, in the village of Shrub Oak, Town of Yorktown, NY. This is where most of the DRINGS attended after they settled over here. There is a large cemetery across the street, and behind the church also where Drings are buried.

Jim WIlson